[OTHER] 2AM’s Lee Changmin mentions Junsu in an interview

Q: Which idol-turned-actor do you consider your rival?

2AM’s Lee Changmin:

If I say this, he might not like it, and fans might say something…
Junsu. We’re close personally. We’re close! Please don’t edit this and air it as is or there’ll be a misunderstanding.
Junsu and I are both 86ers so it’s been about 4 or 5 years since we’ve been close friends and played soccer together.
He’s a friend who is getting recognized and doing great in the musical industry.
Even if I ask my friends, musical actors/actresses around me, they say Junsu sings so well and that on stage,
he can make the other actors/actresses feel his sincerity.
With the audience right in front of you, it’s actually not easy to act with sincerity.
So, instead of a rival, he’s a same aged friend who I can look to and learn from even when I have my own strengths.

Source: 바1보♡
Translated by: 
ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


[TRANS] XIA Junsu 3rd Album ‘FLOWER’ Track List

B979soqCUAAkNcS (1)

02. 나비 (Butterfly) 
03. 꽃 (Flower)
04. 나의 밤 (My Night)
06. X SONG
10. F.L.P
12. 그 말 참 밉다 (Hateful Words)
13. 사랑숨 (Breath of Love)

Source: JYJ Official
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

[TRANS] 2015 Happy Valentine’s Day from JYJ

Caption: JYJ is asking for a date


Hello. You met me yesterday, right? Um..
I really, really felt something for you but it was the first time we met, so I didn’t speak much.
I had something to do so… I kind of left early,
but I wanted to stay longer and there were things that I wanted to do too.
So… Do you have time tomorrow?
It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.
I want to do the things we couldn’t yesterday and
I don’t even remember when was the last time I spent time with a girlfriend.
If you have time for me tomorrow, let’s go somewhere close… like a suburb in Seoul and have a date.
I haven’t been able to drive a lot these days, so let’s do that and talk about what we couldn’t yesterday.
I said that it’s Valentine’s Day but I didn’t do that to put pressure on you,
I just want to see your face, talk with you and have a good time. I’d be thankful if you could.
If you see this video, tell me tomorrow…
No, immediately, tell me immediately. I’ll go to your house tomorrow.
I don’t know what time I’ll go but just rest well at home. I’ll come over.
See you tomorrow~


Hey, it’s Yoochun. Um.. It’s not anything else, but on Saturday, it’s also Valentine’s Day and I thought
“how about we have a date” so I’m sending you this video message.
Let’s meet.. there are lots of restaurants that I like in Gangnam, so let’s have a meal together, go on drive together, and listen to music and talk while driving. We can drink tea too.
If it’s uncomfortable for it to be just the two of us at night, we can call friends over and…
There’s a place that makes really good bbeondaegi soup in Cheongdamdong
We can go there and have a beer.
Spending some time together like that seems nice, so I’m sending you this video message.
If you can, save some of your time on Saturday. It’d be nice if we could meet up. I miss you.
Reply me~


Hey~ I just finished recording. What are you doing on Saturday? Got time?
If you have time, let’s.. um.. let’s go to Busan ㅋㅋㅋ
If we go to Dalmaji Pass, there are good cafes
The view and atmosphere is really good too.
And if we go to Busan, there’s the Korean beef that I like too.
There, the beef’s grain is differentㅋㅋㅋ
I want to eat beef and there are pojangmachas (T/N: roadside snack carts) there too.
Let’s have seafood ramyun with lobster that costs $50 ㅋㅋ
As long as I’m with you, even if we don’t go to Busan, anywhere would still make for a great time.
You’ll date me, right?

Caption: A date with JYJ! Who do you choose?

JJ: 1, 2, 3
JYJ: Hello! We are JYJ.
YC: It’s been a while.
JJ & JS: Yeah.
YC: It’s really been a while.
JS: It’s really been a while right? (T/N: Junsu said ‘junjja’ instead of ‘jinjja’)
JJ: Junjja?
JJ: Did you hear that?
YC: Didn’t he just say ‘junjja’?
JJ & YC: It’s junjja been a while

Caption: 2015’s new greeting phrase: ‘It’s junjja been a while’

JS: Junjjang is what JYJ and the staff close to us call me.
YC: They go ‘junjjang junjjang’ right?
JS: Yeah
JS: First of all, Jaejoong hyung is in the drama that is airing on Friday, ‘SPY’

Caption: Appearing in the drama ‘SPY’ with high acclaim

JS: Even today, he said he came after filming at night.
YC: And he’ll film in the morning again too.
JJ: Yeah..
JS: Ah.. How is it?
JJ: It’s fun, it’s fun… I’m having a lot~ of fun filming
but what I don’t like is that I can’t see my members even more than before so I feel really sad about that.
JS: Jaejoong hyung is really busy because of drama filming and for me, I’m also releasing my third album so I’m recording and producing…
YC: It’ll come out soon right?
JS: Yes, that’s right, when you see this video, it’ll be out very soon.

Caption: Congratulations! XIA 3rd album to be released soon!

JS: Yoochun-ssi, what are you doing recently?
YC: Well, recently, I’ve been reading scenarios.. I almost never leave my house. I watch movies at home..
JJ: Really? But my friends said they saw Yoochun-ssi outside.
JS: Did they see him a lot?
YC: There are times I come outside too, of course.
YC: I come out for a glass of soju
JJ: Two glasses….
YC: No not two glasses, it’s three glasses or more…

Caption: Alcohol Lover, Teacher Yoochun

YC: Today is…
JS: Valentine’s Day
JS: On Valentine’s Day, what do Yoochun-ssi and Jaejoong-ssi have planned?
When, how, with whom, and where are you going to spend it?
YC: I’ll be in China on Valentine’s Day.

Caption: Yoochun fan meeting in China

YC: I’ll be having a fan meeting in China and come back…
JS: For me, it’ll be the day before I film my music video so…
JJ: You’re all working… but Yoochun-ssi’s isn’t work
YC: It is work.
JJ: It’s not!
JS: That’s work?!
JJ: You’ll be in China having a date with your fans!
JS: A fan meeting is work!?
YC: Junsu immediately shot up
JS: I’ve never thought of a fan meeting as work
JJ: It’s not work for me too
YC: Because I have to go with a professional mindset…. I’ll feel at ease but I feel some responsibility too.
JJ: Sense of responsibility.. I…
JS: I want to have fan meetings everyday!
JJ: Me too, me too
JS: Thinking of a fan meeting as work… as business… is a bit…
YC: Ah I’m sorry. It’s not work. I’m sorry. I’ll work hard.
JS: That was fun~

JJ: Well.. if we have any… it’s Valentine’s so… we’ve had our ideal types and a ‘history of change’ of those types
so I want to ask..
YC: Type
JJ: Junsu-ssi initially liked Kim Jungeun sunbaenim
JS: I saw that… Was it ‘Marrying the Mafia’? I watched that movie and became a fan of Kim Jung Eun. Son Yejin-ssi… I watched ‘A Moment to Remember’ and became a fan.
Now, my type is someone who has a positive mindset, and is outgoing and ‘developed’. (T/N: Junsu meant to say ‘bubbly’ but ended up rhyming and said ‘developed’ instead)
YC: What’s outgoing and developed?
JS: Ah, not developed
YC: What do you mean?
JS: A developed person has a bubbly personality…
JJ: Developed…
YC: Lively!
JS: That’s right, lively. A lively personality.

JS: What about you, Jaejoong-ssi?
YC: You used to like Jeon Inhwa sunbae…
JJ: For me it was Jeon Inhwa sunbaenim and Kang Suyeon sunbaenim. I used to look at the overall feel before… I like pretty things, like pretty hands, pretty legs. I can feel it even if one of them is pretty.
YC: Yeah, you get a feeling.
JS: I also feel something like that.
JJ: What?
JS: Even if only her voice is pretty, I feel that girl is charming, really.
JJ: How about Yoochun-ssi?
YC: Since I was young.. I liked Kim Taehee-ssi. I’ve said she’s my ideal type. I feel like people who give me a feeling that they’re Westernized, but also have Asian characteristics are very charming.

JJ: After this and that… We’ll all be working on Valentine’s Day. It was the same for Christmas. We are lonely spirits.
But you will all be working too right? It’s not a weekend.
YC: That’s right
JJ: So you will be working but please make time…
JS: If it’s the 14th, it’s a Saturday right? It is a weekend.
JJ: Ah so they’ll get off work early.
JS: That works out so well. Wow, it’ll be the best day for couples.
JJ: That day, even if you’re not with anyway, make or buy some chocolates and give them to friends, or your dad.
JJ: Or your uncle, or your brother. They’ll really like it. Have a happy time on Saturday and we will be going to work.
JS: Bbyong~ (T/N: Bbyong is a cute sound effect/onomatopoeia for disappearing)
YC: Yah, what’s with the bbyong?
JS: You gotta say bbyong after 1,2,3! Bbyong!

YC: Bbyang!
JJ: Bye~
JS: Bbyang~
JJ: Bye~
JS: Bye.
JJ: As men in our 30s…
JS: 1
JJ: 1,2,3
JS: Bye~
JS: Why are you being like that?~
YC: Even if we don’t talk, we know this so well.

Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

[TWITTER] 120128 Junsu goes hiking with Choi Min Sik


@1215thexiahtic: I climbed to the peak of Mount Jangam with Choi Minsik Sunbaenim. Looking at this shot, it looks like I’m having a briefing as a commander in ‘Roaring Currents’

(T/N: Roaring Currents is a 2014 movie that Choi Minsik starred in as Admiral Yi Sun-sin)

Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

[NEWS] JYJ Kim Junsu sues Cheonji Construction for defamation and filing a fraudulent lawsuit


JYJ’s Kim Junsu has filed a case with the police against ‘C’ Construction company (T/N: hereby Cheonji Construction) for defamation and filing a fraudulent lawsuit.

Kim Junsu’s legal representative, lawyer Jung Heewon stated on the 13th, “Regarding Jeju Island’s Cheonji Construction company’s defamation and filing a fraudulent lawsuit in December, we have filed a libel case against them with the Gangnam Police Station.”

Lawyer Jung Heewon stated, “The provisional seizure of property requested by Cheonji Construction and applied by the Jeju District Court has been removed through our legal response. Following the formal objected raised against the provisional seizure, they have filed a lawsuit with the exact same argument and evidence, and as filed a case for fraud [against us]. Our stance is that this isn’t even worth rebutting, and it is because the promissory note has already been revealed to be invalid.”

Jung said, “Not only is there absolutely no truth in their argument, but they have used low tactics like defamation to damage the reputation of a Hallyu star, and have foul intentions to obtain benefits. We cannot overlook this anymore” and “Fraud is established when A deceives B and cheats money out of B, but Kim Junsu has never written a promissory note for the construction company nor met their representatives before. There is absolutely no legal grounds for them to file a lawsuit for fraud. The construction company is intentionally damaging the reputation of Hallyu star Kim Junsu, and is using the media in their deceit.”

Toscana Hotel’s Management Departemnt said, “Cheonji Construction and CJ Construction have the same address and are the same company. Additionally, Toscana has already paid for all construction costs according to our contract. We are even receiving calls from subcontractors that they have not received payment from the two construction companies. Therefore, there seem to be ulterior motives for continuously mentioning Kim Junsu in the media.”

Lawyer Jung Heewon explained, “They have greatly damaged the reputation of Kim Junsu, who is a public figure and whose reputation is his asset, through their lies which establishes a case for defamation. Additionally, filing an application for provisional seizure of property through the courts by providing evidence of a loan that does not exist establishes that they have attempted to file a fraudulent lawsuit. There is absolutely no truth to their lawsuit for fraud and the construction company representatives know that yet they are suing an innocent person, which establishes that they have committed libel. This is the content of our complaint [that was filed to Gangnam Police Station].”

Jung Heewon added, “During the police investigation, the fact that the construction company representative’s stance makes no sense will be revealed immediately. Just looking how they used the media to release that they have filed a case for fraud, there is no relation to finding out the truth and the Hallyu star will undeniably suffer harm. Their lawsuit is only to damage his reputation and they will definitely receive legal punishment.”

Source: Star News
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

[UPDATE] Summary of the Toscana lawsuit situation

Junsu took out a loan of 15 billion won of which approximately 9 billion won was used to pay off a pre-existing loan, and approximately 5.9 billion won was directly deposited into Cheonji Construction’s (hereby Cheonji) account for equipment expenses from the bank as per banking regulations. Hence, the 5.9 billion won was always Junsu’s money which he has to return to the bank and whatever remained after the equipment expenses should have been returned by Cheonji to Kim Junsu.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 1.11.57 AM

How the cash from the loan flowed: Approximately 5.9 billion won of the 15 billion loan went to Cheonji.
Of the 5.9 billion won, approximately 5 billion should’ve been returned to Kim Junsu.

In order to record the cash inflow in their accounting ledgers, Cheonji asked Toscana to write a promissory note for them which Toscana agreed to and a promissory note was written on August 4th, 2014. However, Toscana’s side became worried that the note would be used maliciously so a document with the promissory note (same content as the one previously written) AND a confirmation document that states “there is no repayment value associated with the promissory note and is only for accounting purposes” was written up, signed and sealed by both Toscana and Cheonji one day after on August 5th, 2014. Basically, the promissory note has been nullified by the confirmation document.

Note: Kim Junsu did not participate in any of these meetings between Toscana and Cheonji and he is not involved in the operation of Toscana Hotel. His brother and father are in charge of operation.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 12.25.54 AM

Left: Promissory note + confirmation document provided by Toscana Hotel
Right: Promissory note ONLY provided by Cheonji Construction

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 12.26.50 AM

Confirmation document signed and sealed by Cheonji Construction’s CEO on August 5th

The problem comes when Toscana realizes they’ve been charged double the actual cost of construction, amounting to approximately 10 billion won so Toscana prepared to sue for compensation of damages. However, Cheonji got wind of Toscana’s plan to sue and smeared Kim Junsu through Jeju Domin Ilbo, which was the first media outlet that reported on the conflict and is under the same corporate umbrella as Cheonji.

Even though the 5.9 billion won is Kim Junsu’s money, Cheonji distorted the situation by saying that Kim Junsu borrowed 5.9 billion won from Cheonji. Why did Cheonji’s CEO sign the confirmation document that states there is no repayment value to the promissory note then?

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 10.17.20 PM

Reporter: “Why did you sign and seal the confirmation document which states there is no repayment value to the promissory note?”

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 10.17.34 PM

Cheonji CEO: “At the time, they asked me to sign and seal it so I did.”

This is 5.9 billion won we are talking about, approximately $5.9 million USD. If you lent somebody $5.9 million in a business transaction and that person came to you saying “can you sign this document which states that I don’t have to pay back that $5.9 million I borrowed from you?” Anybody would say heck no, let alone an experienced construction company CEO.

Aside from the 800 million won that was actually used for equipment, the remaining 5 billion won should have been returned to Junsu but Cheonji is claiming that that amount is what they lent to Kim Junsu. In essence, Cheonji is trying to extort Kim Junsu out of the money that Kim Junsu took out as a loan in his name. Cheonji was previously granted provisional seizure of Toscana property by Jeju District Court. However, that provisional seizure has now been removed and the case will go to court.


Kim Junsu took out a 15 billion won loan of which 5.9 billion won was directly deposited into Cheonji accounts for equipment. The remaining should’ve been returned but Cheonji is claiming this amount is a loan they gave to Kim Junsu and are trying to extort Kim Junsu out of money that was always rightfully his. When asked why they signed a document which states Toscana doesn’t owe a penny of the 5.9 billion to Cheonji, Cheonji CEO said “They asked me to so I did”. The provisional seizure of property previously applied on Toscana has been removed.

More info can be found on previous translations here and here

Video credit: KIM JUNSU 소풍
Summary by: ohmyjunsu of intoxication

[TRANS] Fukuoka Concert Day 1 – Ment about Junsu’s past crush

1:49:40 ~ 1:58:50

JJ: I remember something. Junsu’s first love from Fukuoka…

JS: No! That’s not it!

JJ: Listen to the end

JS: Ah, this kind of talk is even coming out…!!

YC: That time… that girl…

JJ:  At that time, Junsu’s Japanese level was that of a 5 year old’s so it was a time that he couldn’t express what he wanted to say. There was a restaurant that we went to when we came to Fukuoka. She was an employee at that restaurant and they couldn’t see each other aside from once a year.

JS: But.. Everyone!!! That’s not it. This isn’t it. Um.. It’s more of just a one-sided feeling, how should I word it?

JJ: One sided love?

JS: It’s not really a one sided love. Similar… only to the point that I had a good feeling about her with a pure mind. Really, that was it.

YC: Ah…! After some time passed, when that girl was about 20 years old, she came to our fan meeting or fan sign?

JJ: Fan sign. It was a fan sign.

JS: Everyone. I’m saying this for real, she just came to the fan sign and that’s it. I gave her my autograph, said thanks and that’s it!!! There was never something and I never went out with her. Not at all!!

JJ: We know.

YC: There was nothing?

JS: That time contacting.. No! That’s not it! (Junsu’s panicking) Everyone! Everyone! What do I say.. I couldn’t speak Japanese at all at that time.. I got her number but.. how should I say it, I only got her number. Everyone..

YC: What was her name?

JJ: Was it Yuki-chan?

JS: Everyone, don’t you want to hear the next song?

JJ: What should I say…

JS: This happened 8 years ago!! 8 years ago!!!

YC: It’s from 8 years ago… but Junsu said this yesterday… “Would that person still be living in Fukuoka?”

JS: Yah, don’t lie!! I didn’t remember at all but Yoochun talked about it first, so I replied “Ah, that’s so” and that was it!!

YC: Well, there was nothing between you two.

JJ: Ah ah, there was this…

YC: With just a pure mind..

JJ: For example, us members would annoyingly tease Junsu in the past. We would keep teasing Junsu to set the atmosphere. For example, we’d say “Junsu-yah, do you like that girl?” and we’d tease him to set a fun atmosphere and Junsu would match that.

JS: The  members made that (kind of atmosphere and situation)! They kept setting the atmosphere that way so I just matched your ways.

JJ: That’s right, but there’s something. You didn’t know each other very well but she’d come out in your dream. Because she comes out in your dream, you remember her once at a time.

YC: There’s that.

JS: When will this talk end?

YC: It’s in the past so it doesn’t matter… she was cute right?

JS: But really, the audience here is totally, totally cute.

YC: Hm? The fans here are cuter?

JS: Yes, that’s right. Our fans are prettier and more beautiful…

YC: Do you miss her even now? It doesn’t matter if you meet her either, just as a friend, talking like “I’ve missed you. Do you have a boyfriend now?”

JJ: She could be waiting for you…

YC: You can say “I’m still single..”

JJ: She could be here in the venue too.

JS: Everyone, it’s been 10 years since I’ve been working [as an artist]. 10 years have passed but this is the most difficult situation [I’ve experienced].

YC: Ah, I’m sorry. I’ll stop now.

JS: Seriously, please, It’s seriously been 8, 9 years. A lot of time has passed.

YC: Time has passed but…

JS: Fans are saying Junsu doesn’t like this!! Junsu doesn’t like this!!

YC: [They] wanted to say this. Don’t like it. Haha.

JS: It was seriously just with a pure mind at that time.. That’s it.

YC: Ah, we didn’t have a phone at that time too.

JJ: We didn’t have phones.

JS: That’s right, we didn’t have phones.

YC: So through letters…

JS: There wasn’t such a thing!! Don’t lie!!

YC: Ah, I’m sorry. This is a joke. A joke.

JS: It wasn’t just this, you kept saying stuff since earlier!

JJ: I’m sorry.

JS: Ah..ah… my neck.

JJ: Junsu, then, with beautiful memories of Fukuoka, please introduce the next song.

YC: Yah~~ ‘ 3’

JS: Um.. ah… haha.. Today, um, is the first time we’ve been here for 5 years. I will sing the next song with beautiful memories of meeting all of you then.

YC: Hey, Junsu, you’re having a difficult time right? So meeting fans…

JS: Still, are you still going on about that?

YC: No. You’re talking about meeting the fans right?

JS: Then, please listen everyone. Ah, it’s like everything I’m saying is a lie.

YC: We know you’re not lying.

JS: The next song is a famous song in Japan. What is it? Please listen, everyone. “Lion Heart”.

T/N: Some false rumors have appeared because of mistranslations from Japanese – Korean during Day 1. I am posting this full ment which proves those rumors to be false. Please do not spread malicious and false rumors.

Video: Rinmaze
Japanese to Korean trans: ㅇㅇ of JYJ Gallery
English translation: 
ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

[TRANS] FROM JYJ – 2014 Christmas Message (Korean Ver.)

JYJ: Hello! We are JYJ.

YC: Hello~

JYJ: Everyone, Merry Christmas!

Junsu starts singing Silver Bells 

JJ: Go with something more exciting.

YC: Something exciting~

Junsu starts singing Jingle Bells but gets the ‘Jingle All The Way’ part wrong

Song switches to Santa Clause is Coming to Town but Yoochun changes the lyrics to 

YC: Jjajangmyeon is okay, Jjambbong is okay too

Text: Soup noodles NO! Jjangmyeon OK! Excellent Chinese Food Adlib 

JJ: Ah…

Text: Everyone finally realizes Yoochun’s great gag

JJ: We’ve lost our childhood, I knew so many carols when I was young.

YC: What other Christmas songs are there?

JYJ starts singing Jingle Bells again but gets the lyrics wrong

Text: Lyrics are forgotten along with their childhood 

JS: What else is there?

JJ: Icicle~

YC: Silent Night~

YC: What are you gonna do? On a silent night?

JJ: What are you all going to do for Christmas? We have a concert in Japan so we’ll be spending Christmas with the Japanese fans.

JJ: It seems like this winter will be very warm.

YC: Yeah… why?

JS: Why?

YC: Is there something?

JS: Well they say that a winter is warm if you find a girlfriend.

YC: Are you warm?

JJ: I’ve always had a girlfriend though.

YC: Ah

JS: Ah again…. Please don’t say stuff like that.

YC: Don’t say stuff that’s so predictable

Text: “JJ: You are all my girlfriend” Jaejoong’s very predictable next words

JS: Stop saying that and improve what you say

YC: Don’t say stuff that’s predictable.

JJ: I’ve been dating everyone for the last 10 years though

Text: An idol’s frequent comments that we are fed up with

YC: With everyone?

JS: With everyone?

JJ: Do you know that…how many days has it been? Since we’ve debut? A while back we marked 4000 days since debut

JS: Ahhhh

Text: Congratulations! JYJ’s 4000th day since debut!

JJ: We’ve come a long time with everyone. I’m curious what the fans who can’t be with us at our concert will do for Christmas.
When we gave our Christmas greeting a couple years ago, we said something like ‘please find a lover and have a happy Christmas’
For me… If everyone gets married…or date… we are okay with that.

YC: Cheesy…

JS: Why is that okay?

YC: Why?

JS: I’ll get jealous.

JJ: I won’t be jealous, truthfully.

JS: Because in the end your life is yours and my life is mine?

Text: Getting harder to handle this conversation…

JJ: No because if everyone finds a lover or starts a family with kids, they can support us as a family. I think I’ll feel really happy at that.

Text: Summoning ‘Families of fans’

JJ: I hope you have a happy Christmas. We will return after finishing our concert.

Text: We will come to you with a great concert.

JJ: 1, 2, 3

JYJ: Merry Christmas!

JJ: Have a Merry Christmas

Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

[NEWS] Promissory note was written but the money? 10 misunderstandings revealed

Cheonji Construction: “We lent Kim Junsu 5 billion won to be paid back by September 30th, but it wasn’t”

Toscana: “That’s all false. We’ve never borrowed money from the construction companies. We’ve paid for all the construction costs already.”

JYJ Kim Junsu is entangled in a 5 billion won lawsuit. Construction company CJ Construction is requesting repayment from Toscana Hotel, and applied for a 1.8 billion won provisional seizure of property at the Jeju District Court.

However, Toscana’s stance is completely different. They state that there is no repayment to be paid to Cheonji Construction, and revealed the confirmation document which has the company’s CEO’s seal as evidence. They also emphasized that Cheonji Construction embezzled billions of won in construction cost, causing damages to Toscana.

Dispatch looked at Toscana’s real estate registration and asked questions to Toscana executive Park Sungmin and CJES Entertainment representatives. We’ve compiled their answers and truths, and asked about tax and seizures based on the registration.

We’ve released Q&D (Question & Dispatch) to answer some questions of Kim Junsu’s lawsuit. We currently cannot reach Cheonji Consolidated Construction. They applied for a provisional seizure of property but are keeping their mouths closed. Through this, there is an unjust side to the lawsuit against Kim Junsu. 

Q1. We understand that there are two companies in question right now, Cheonji Consolidated Construction and CJ Construction.

D. Cheonji Consolidation Construction (hereby Cheonji) and CJ Construction (hereby CJ) are in reality, the same company. CJ is a paper company used for bidding. Therefore, Toscana was dealing with only one company.

If you verify CJ’s real estate registration, their address is 24, 6-gil, Gunam-ro, Jeju City. If you search this address online, Cheonji comes up. Their phone numbers are different but if you contact them, it goes to the same company.

Q2. To open Toscana, approximately 28.5 billion won was invested. 

D. Toscana executive Park Sungmin stated that the construction cost of the hotel was 28.5 billion won. Of that was a personal investment from Kim Junsu in the amount of 13.5 billion won. The remaining 15 billion won was obtained through a loan. Previously, a loan of 9 billion won was obtained from a foreign exchange bank for the purchase of land.

15 billion won was a loan from Nonghyup. Park Sungmin said, “9 billion of the 15 billion was used to repay the loan from the foreign exchange bank. The remaining 6 billion went to Cheonji.”

Q3. Why did money Toscana borrow go to Cheonji? 

D. Because the loan was obtained in the name of funds for equipment and items for the hotel. Legally, the bank deposits the money to the construction company directly. Therefore, 9 billion of the 15 billion was used to repay the loan from the foreign exchange bank. The remaining 6 billion went to Cheonji.

In reality, the 6 billion won that went to Cheonji is money Kim Junsu borrowed, and is an amount that Kim Junsu has to repay the bank. Cheonji also knows this so they returned the money to Kim Junsu. They used approximaely 8 billion won for hotel equipment and returned the remaining 50 billion. The promissory note was written in this process.

Q4. You said this is originally Kim Junsu’s money, then why did you write a promissory note? 

D. Park Sungmin said that this was a favour Cheonji requested, and Kim Junsu listened to their request. Park said, “Cheonji said they need the document for their accounting ledgers, so we wrote a promissory note for formality.”

In return, Toscana received a confirmation document that states there is ‘no repayment value’ associated with the promissory note. Park said, “This is originally Kim Junsu’s money. We wrote the promissory note with no repayment value for Cheonji to use in their accounting ledgers” and “knowing that it could be used later for malicious problems, we took appropriate measures (ie: the confirmation document).

Q5. So to summarize, you wrote the promissory not but did not borrow any money? 

D. Legally speaking, overlooking that it was mutually agreed upon, a promissory note for false representation of funds  is invalid. Kim Junsu never borrowed money from Cheonji. Cheonji was simply returning the money that Kim Junsu borrowed from the bank to Kim Junsu. (‘Toscana’ legal representative Jung Heewon)

Q6. But the construction companies state otherwise.

D. The construction company said in an interview that “Kim Junsu asked to borrow money from the construction companies” and that “On August 4th, 1.87 billion won (CJ) and 3.36 billion won (Cheonji) were borrowed.”

They emphasized that Cheonji received a promissory note from Toscana. The construction companies say “Toscana gave a promissory note that shows Toscana would repay the loans by September 30th, 2014” and “But all attempts to seek repayment have failed, and the debts have not been paid off.”

Q7. Do you have evidence to refute the construction companies’ claims?  

D. The confirmation document on the promissory note is the evidence. It says that there is no repayment value and obligation to Cheonji. Attorney Jung Heewon said, “The promissory note states that ‘This promissory note is for accounting documentation use, and does not have any repayment value in reality’ and was signed by both parties. The seal of Cheonji’s CEO is also stamped on it.”

Toscana executive Park Sungmin said, “The construction companies took only the top part of the promissory note where it states a monetary value and filed a malicious lawsuit. Toscana has the confirmation document that has Cheonji’s CEO’s stamp and yet we were faced with a provisional seizure of property.”

Q8. You described Cheonji’s lawsuit as malicious. 

D. According to Toscana’s side, construction cost was approximately 10 billion won more than the initial cost estimate. They found the reason for that after the hotel opened on September 25th, and that is that the construction companies purchased cheap Chinese made equipment/furniture for the hotel. 

A representative of Toscana said, “We have been preparing a lawsuit for compensation of damages since 3 weeks ago. It was to request the return of the funds we gave to Cheonji” and “Cheonji got wind of the lawsuit and started a smear campaigned. The media outlet that first reported on this, Jeju Domin Ilbo, is a company related to the construction company.”

Q9. However, the Jeju District Courts accepted CJ’s argument

D. Looking at Toscana’s real estate registration, Jeju District Court approved a provisional seizure of property on November 7th. The creditor is CJ Construction, and the amount is 1.87 billion won. To this, Kim Junsu has raised a formal objection.

Jeju District Court’s Judge Kim Jongbum stated, “CJ filed a lawsuit regarding a loan claim. To ensure the loan claim, they applied for a provisional seizure of property as well” and “However because Kim Junsu has raised an objected, the lawsuit will proceed and soon, the truth will be revealed through trial.”

Q10. Looking at the real estate registration, seizure also occurred because of ‘back’ taxes.

D. According to the registration Dispatch obtained, a seizure also occurred on December 3rd and 5th. The owner this seizure is the tax office, and the authorities are Samsung Tax Office Individual Income Tax Office. This is saying that Kim Junsu has not paid some of his income taxes.

Kim Junsu’s side confirmed this. He has not been able to pay a part of last month’s taxes and applied for a deferral. The represenative said, “Over 70% of the taxes have been paid already. The remaining will be paid before the year ends.”