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[OPINION] I’m gonna try to explain what happened with CJES

​There has been a lot of outrage directed at CJES in the past 24 hours, and it is stemming from an interview that Lee Bo Eun gave about Dorian Gray and ticket sales.

So let’s get some background information straight first. 

Dorian Gray is an all new original musical that debuted this year. When ticketing happened, CJES had done absolutely no marketing aside from announcing that Kim Junsu and Park Euntae were going to be the leads. There were no MVs like we had with Dracula, barely any news articles on crucial days etc. Nobody even knew about a press call for Dorian Gray until the day of the actual press call. Fans and the public alike had absolutely no idea what this musical will be like.

Also, the venue is Seongnam Arts Hall. It is so far from Seoul that fans have called it the ‘Republic of Seongnam’ because it’s that far. If you were coming from Hongdae, it’s a 1.5 hour transit one way.


The show only runs Monday to Saturdays so people would have to go that far out mostly on weekday evenings despite majority of people having work the next day. Not fun.

A lot of musicals also have discounts for certain days in order to attract audiences. I’ve seen up to 40% off, but Dorian Gray offered no such discount. Also, September/October is a slow season for musicals as schools are back in session and it’s not a festive period like Christmas.

Tickets were not cheap too, so people who bought them were buying it based on Junsu’s name alone as there was no other info about the musical out.

Despite all this, tickets still sold very well at initial ticketing and 60,000 tickets have been sold so far. When I went on the first day of Dorian Gray, it was a full house.

Back to Lee Bo Eun, who somehow sprung up from nowhere in August and debuted as a ‘marketing manager’ for CJES. Because of her name, she is widely thought to be a relative / sister of Monica Lee Jae Eun, also a marketing exec at CJES who is just absolutely fantabulous at her job.

Anyway, an interviewer asked her why is it that there are seemingly more and more empty seats at Dorian Gray on weekdays. If I were a PR manager for the musical and for Junsu himself, I would touch on the inconvenient location, emphasize that this is a new and original musical that doesn’t have an established reputation (ie: Elizabeth or Les Mis) BUT “despite all the obstacles, we’ve sold 60,000 tickets and the Dorian Gray has been getting rave reviews. Please give it a chance.”

It’s kinda like answering ‘what is your biggest weakness?’ at an interview. You acknowledge a weakness but turn it around and explain what your strength is and how it supersedes the weakness. You know, common sense.

But not to Lee Bo Eun. She said some things that basically undermined Junsu’s ticket power and threw him under the bus which is BS considering everything I mentioned above this paragraph. She didn’t consider how she failed to market the musical properly. She didn’t consider how time and location affected attendance. Instead, she basically ran her mouth like an ungrateful and dumb child baited into giving the media something to ridicule Junsu with when in comparison, Dorian Gray is quite successful given all the barriers it faced and the crappy job that CJES did with promoting it. 

CJES posted that long post on Facebook which was basically an argument for how Junsu’s ticket power is still strong, but now instead of saying that from a position of success and pride, like Lee Bo Eun should have during in that interview, it sounds like a ‘no but wait guys! I can explain!’ kind of plea. Now, there are articles about the post itself and those who find every opportunity to drag Junsu down (musical fans, SM fans) are rampant on the articles.
Here’s the worst thing, this is not the first time Lee Bo Eun messed up in the exact same manner. She undermined Junsu, Dorian Gray, and the ticket sales in an interview back in August as well! Fans asked for feedback as to why she said those things back then too, but Cjes was silent that time. They actually played victim instead, simply posting a comment on Instagram saying ‘Please don’t attack us, thank you’

How do you do this twice, within less than 3 months? To me, she sounds less like a marketing manager for Junsu and more like an anti. I don’t know how Lee Bo Eun became a manager for CJES when she is so mentally juvenile, professionally inexperienced, and completely shameless by refusing to learn from her past mess up. One thing is for sure though, CJES is an anchor that drags Junsu down, and Lee Bo Eun should never, ever talk about Junsu again. 

– ohmyjunsu


[TRANS] 150516 Junsu’s beautiful words towards fans


My fans started saying this one day. “Junsu used to be on the aloof side towards fans and distanced himself to some extent, but it seems like he’s trying to communicate more by sharing more things, and is kindly interacting with fans up close” so my fans say they are thankful to me. I thought hard about this. I was and am still thankful for my fans, I definitely didn’t know how to treat people because I was young, and I was also afraid of fans before… Sasaengs would secretly take pictures of me and track my location. I had no freedom, so I was thankful for my fans but also scared of them. But you know, what I want to say is… that gratitude shouldn’t be felt by you guys to me but me to you all. Fans and I both knowing the limits and protecting that.. this trusting relationship.. I’m not just saying this, it feels like you’re my colleagues and family. I have changed without me knowing. I thought it was amazing so I thought about it carefully, and the answer is that it’s not that I have changed but everyone has changed me~ So you all have nothing to be thankful about to me. Instead, I should be saying ‘thank you’… this may seem like rambling but I really wanted to say all this.

Hearing the word ‘fans’ used to startle me but now, I see the mature actions and intentions of you all. Stemming from trust, I want to share more and walk more with you as colleagues or family… and make it feel like we are friends.. Thank you for changing a person like me.


Jeju Island was fun~

Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

[TRANS] 150407 Nagoya Concert Day 1: Junsu’s ments


Everyone, have you missed me? I wanted to meet you all in Nagoya. Starting with Osaka, Seoul, Shonghai…Ah, Shanghai? haha, Thailand, Tokyo, Fukuoka and today, Nagoya! I’m finally in Nagoya. It’s the last stop in my tour.

It’s the day before the last today, because tomorrow is the last day. It feels like the last day to me though. I will work hard as I feel that way! Ah, it’s my first time in Gashi Hall? It’s been a while? Ah, I was sitting in the dressing room, and I remembered having fun with my members. haha

I’ll sing a new song from my new album now. Ah but, it’s kind of weird to say a ‘new’ song from my ‘new’ album right? haha. Please listen, X Song. (he’s poking fun at his Japanese skills ^^)

I want to master Japanese, but it’s quite tough. I will work hard until the day I come close to mastering it ~audience claps~

Truthfully, I’m not ‘hot’ recently, because I’m lonely… You might not know, but I’m already 30 years oldㅠㅠ I want to become ‘hot’ but you always say I can’t. Aren’t you guys being too much? Telling me to get married at 77… Telling me to live life alone while you all have boyfriends.. or husbands.. You all have lovers right? ==! You have them!!!!!! Since you’re all here… I’ll put that energy into my concert today. Ah, but it’s something I always say but, for real, I… my real side!! I’m ready to show you all my real side in full. I’ll resist today though, because there are middle and high schoolers here.. But I’m a healthy 30 year old man.. Recently, my third… ah what should I call it; shall I call it the 3rd? My 3rd growth phase has arrived. My dreams are often… and often when I’m lying on my bed after concerts too… well, it’s good to experience many things as an artist right? I’m sorry hahaha. Well until the day we can talk about deeper things together… Let’s do that together. The day all my fans become adults will come right? For sure…? There are middle and high schoolers right now but…. if you all become adults, I’ll show you some glamorous performances and outfits.

Seems like there are a lot of men today? Ah.. I could see you since a while back! Are you married? …… He said he’s married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you first come to my concert? With you mom? sister? Ah, someone recommended to you? Ah, it’s exactly the middle of my concert right now. How is it? Is it alright? Haha thank you.

(To a fan who he recognized) Ah, Nagoya!! You came again? You went to Fukuoka too? You came to all my concerts? Ah… is that your mom next to you? But seriously, there are a lot of men in the audience today. Why is that…

(Introducing Genie Time) Recently, this part that makes me more nervous than my performances and singing… I’ll do everything as usual today too!

(Genie Time Wish #1) It’s my favorite song from the first musical I did… Will I be able to sing it well…haha. It’s a song from the musical Mozart. ~I Am, I Am Music~

(Genie Time Wish #2) Wah, it’s a song from a long time ago. Ah… this song.. Ah. You’re my melody? Ah it’s in Japanese. ~audience laughs~ What can I say.. it’s from 7 years ago…. ~You’re My Melody~

(Genie Time Wish #3) Ah. This is from a long time ago. You’ll forgive me if I can’t sing it well right? Stolen my soul~ haha. Is this really a song I sang before? haha. ~Tonight~

Ah, everyone, the segment is like this haha. Ah… it’s… kind of… it’s a segment where I don’t know what comes out. Okay, last one! What should I do? In Japanese? Hm? Ah what Japanese song would be nice? Ah… yeah my face is very red right now, right?

(Genie Time Wish #4) Please dance~ Songs I don’t know could come out though. Is that okay? (to the staffs) Are you ready? ~random play dance~

I really see a lot of men in the audience today. (male fan screams JUNSU!!!) Ah, are we doing this already? I’ll hear the men first. Everyone! Do this! In unison! alright? Women, you can’t yell JUNSU (pretending to be male) alright? Okay. Men, go!

Ah should I do people in their 10s too? 20 year olds can’t participate, only up to 19 year olds. Let’s do newborns to 19 year olds.

Then, shall we do 20s, 30s, 40s too? Why? Okay, let’s do 20s, 30s and 40s, go! Ah, most of you are in this category haha. Lastly, let’s do 50s and 60s. Age is age but strength is still strength. Do as much as you can, okay? haha You can yell quietly as well, just do as much as you can. Alright, go! Ah, don’t go (slowly) Juuuunsuuuuu, say it quickly, Junsu!!

Ah, I really like Nagoya, because there’s hitsumabushi in Nagoya.. haha. Though I just got to Nagoya yesterday, I’ll definitely go eat it!!!! Is there anyone who hasn’t ever had hitsumabushi before? Oh? You haven’t had it? Why…? Isn’t it delicious? Ah.. you had monja? Why? That’s Tokyo’s… Are you from Tokyo? Ah, no wonder. But a Korean here (referring to himself) has even had hitsumabushi… If you come to Nagoya, you must have hitsumabushi. I came to Nagoya for hitsumabushi… Ah, but you all can have hitsumabushi in Tokyo too. Everyone here can eat hitsumabushi at any time.. I envy you haha.

I’ll be performing as L in the musical Death Note starting in June. Another video must’ve been revealed today right? haha. (fans say ‘give us your towel’) Ah, you want my towel? But my sweat is all over it… I do want to give it to you but if I throw it, it could become dangerous for you all..

This is something I’ve talked a lot about recently. Doing 3 day 2 night concert sometime… 2 nights with everyone! haha. Ah concert tour? This probably won’t work as a tour..? It’s a bit hard to do as a tour… Washing up? Ah, then I’l build a huge bath house…? What will you all wear to bathe? (audience shouting ideas) bikini? towel? Ah.. but if you bathe with just a towel it’s kind of… ;; Okay, I’ll really move on to the next song now haha (audience goes EHHH??) ah, you are all so good at acting. Seriously, your acting is amazing.


Source: @_WithXIA
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

[OTHER TWITTER] Mama Kim and ASX share cute stories of Junsu

2015-04-05-20-32-31 2015-04-05-20-32-46


Junsu reserved a restaurant as it’s our wedding anniversary today and we were so touched while having the meal. But when it came time to pay, Junsu had no intention of taking care of the bill! I said “Hey~ son~ since you invited mom and dad out for a meal, you should pay right?” to which his lips curled up and (with a bright expression), he laughed, “Mom~ I didn’t bring my wallet” This guy… such a cutie pie~ㅋ


We thought of the story from Mama Kim’s birthday last year, so we are releasing this special behind-the-scenes episode~ Omonim, do you remember this? ^.^ @zunoxiahmom


2015-04-05-20-33-03Yes! It’s fresh in my memory~ It’s an episode that I’ll never forget^^ I’m so thankful for Junsu’s funny intention that day that I still haven’t been able to spend that money..ㅋ

Source: @zunoxiahmom and @asxjunsu
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

[TWITTER] 150401 Junsu’s… getting married(?)

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.33.53 PM

This might be sudden.. but I’m getting married. Fans wanted me to get married at 77 but I can’t keep that promise, I’m sorry. I also have a dream of becoming the head of a household during my lifetime, you’ll understand me right? Please congratulate me^^ 

Mobile wedding invitation – *Linked to Naver wiki page for April Fool’s 


Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.23.39 PM

April. The first package of its kind is coming to Toscana. We’ve prepared rooms on the moon, and even planted palm trees. Reserve now! l

Can I see rabbits too? I’ll reserve if I can see rabbits~

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.24.37 PM

We’ve asked the rabbits and they said yes. You can reserve 🙂


Okay~ I’ll prepare some carrots. I’ll reserve then ^^ Please give me a room with a view of Korea’s front

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.25.13 PMAh! If there’s a room where Bora Bora is visible, please give me that oneㅜ

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.27.50 PM

We are always prepared. We plan on constructing Bora Bora on the moon. It might be hard to see, so we enlarged it 🙂


Amazing… Where is the water from?

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.29.01 PM

This is actually a trade secret. Jeju Island has an abundance of water since old times and especially, Toscana has a large pool!!!

You guys are second to none.. My last question is, the moon is very far so how did you send water all the way there?

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.29.48 PM

We might be being presumptuous but we understand that you went yourself!


ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I will become a butterfly and fly over. Thank you for answering my questions so earnestly. I will have to give you a bonus! 


Wonsik & Hyejin 

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.30.44 PM


Thanks Wonsik-ah. I’m going to reserve a Toscana package and go to the moon for my wedding so get me a ticket to space~~ Ah if I meet the rabbits I’ll need some carrots so prepare that for me too.

But they said you can go in 40 years, so I reserved itㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Heol. You want me to go when I’m 70? No way! I’m going immediately! 

You’re going to do your concert first, right?

Ah! Yes! Hyung…ㅜ 

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.31.34 PM

I’ll be 73 then so can I receive that bouquet?

I’ve give you a carrot bouquet

Source: @1215thexiahtic, @Hyejin0813, @wonsikah11
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

[TWITTER] 140326 Junsu & Jaejoong rap-off – Romanization + Translation + Explanation


Lion JS! show me the money kaja

Lion JS! Let’s go on Show Me The Money! 


a yo!!! what’s up
Chekchek let’s do this! Come on!
Im lion js!!! maebeon byunhwareul domohae A/S
rap hagoshipeo kbs!! Yo yo

a yo!!! what’s up
Chekchek let’s do this! Come on!
Im lion js!!! every time I aim to change A/S
(after service = repair & service after purchase, can interpret as ‘he wants to improve and change after each accomplishment’)
I want to rap, KBS! Yo yo


yo~ yo xia neo neun rap eul goom gura
ni ga a neun radion goom gura~ goom gura neun kbs ah
nwi a nwi goom gura neun mbc c c c c~ fm 4~~~~ you
beulro beulro tabeulro

Yo~ yo xia dream about your rap
the ‘Dreaming Radio’ that you know is kbs. No, ‘Dreaming Radio’ is mbc c c c c~ FM 4~~~~ You
Blo blo Tablo


rap hago shipeun mudae kbs
ee rap eul sseu neun soonkan e do meokgo shipeun dakbaeksu
masshi neun keo meok eu ryeo myeon il hae ya hae i’m not baeksu
Chek it

The stage I want to rap on is KBS
At the moment I write this rap too, I want to eat dakbaeksu (dakbaeksu = chicken soup)
But to eat something delicious. I have to work. I’m not baeksu (baeksu = unemployed)
Chek it


yo~ kbs! JS! mudae se weo seo!
rap eul ha myeon jo eul ten de mwo a swi weo seo?
hajiman nan kbSpy chul yeon hae seo hal mal e eop ne
geu reu ne geu reu ne geu reu ne geu reu ne nan hal mal e eop ne!
yo! yo JS! il dan show me the money! na gasseu myeon jo ke sseo
eo heo eo heo eo~~~ heo

yo~ kbs! If you put JS on the stage and he raps, what’s so bad about that?
But I was on kbSpy so I can’t say anything
that’s right that’s right that’s right that’s right, I can’t say anything.
For now, it would be nice if you can go on show me the money!
Mhm mhm m~~hm


masshi neun keo meokeul geo myeon il
hae ya hae i’m not baeksu
myeot mari meok neun ji seji jom ma gaet su
yeol shim hi hae sseu ni bada do dwae dae wu
neo e ge badeul choiso han e ye wu
Come on

To eat something delicious I have to work, I’m not baeksu (= unemployed)
Don’t count how many chickens I’ve eaten, gaetsu (= the number of)
I’ve worked hard so I can accept it, daewu (= a treat)
It’s the least I could receive from you, yewu (= courtesy)
Come on

yo eoneul gong yeon do sugo hae sseu
e wa jong e neo e rap eun subarashi!
arigato arigato aritoto!
neo e eui mi nam mi mwo mi uri e bi mil
eo yeojaya naeil do norae jal hae ddo
seu reung heun deu seu reung heun deu deu reung deu reung jal ja reung

yo you’ve worked hard for your concert today
and your rap is subarashi (Japanese for excellent)
thank you thank you thank you!
your meaning, South America, whatever, our secret
Go to sleep soon and sing well tomorrow too!
I love you love you good night!

jaejoong yoochun junsu
uri insaeng ing dalja
meotjin kasu meotjin han namja ro seo sal gi wee hae bat kal ja
fan deul ee isseu ni pogi haji malgo ee kalja
eoneul do sugo hae sseo jaejoongie hyung jal ja!!

Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu
Let’s work hard and for our lives, dalja (= let’s run)
To live as a great singer and a great man, batgalja (= let’s farm fields)
Because we have our fans, don’t give up and teeth kalja (= let’s grind our teeth)

You’ve worked hard today, Jaejoongie hyung jalja! (= sleep well)


uri hool ro oo e neun yeong hon ee it da!
bat eul kan da ni, uri ga yeojeon e haet deon keu ee ya gi
jal ja na eui yeonghon na eui soul na eui tamashi!

There’s soul in our flows (= referring to their rap having soul)
Farm fields? ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ the thing we said back then
Sleep well, my yeonghon, my soul, my tamashi (yeonghon = Korean, tamashi = Japanese for soul)

(T/N: The farm story is from a 2010? interview where Junsu said that after the split, they had to seriously consider the possibility that they would never be able to sing ever again. Junsu said they thought about going to the countryside and farming.

This rap-off looks spontaneous and fun on the surface, but under the goofiness, Junsu and Jaejoong also covered deeply rooted issues that really are not justified. What’s so bad about putting Junsu on stage? Why can’t Junsu go on a radio show hosted by the very artist who featured in his comeback album’s title song? Why did these talented artists feel so much despair that they contemplated moving away and farming, just because they dared to fight for their rights and freedom? I’m sure the two of them started this rap-off with a playful mindset, but some more topics came out naturally and Junsu’s rap became more and more serious. I decided to write this more detailed translation/explanation because I saw some comments that painted their rap battle as thoughtless, dorky rambling so I hope this post can give everyone some more information on the rap’s meaning and significance)

Source: @1215thexiahtic and @bornfreeonekiss
Translation by: 
ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

[TRANS] 150308 Flower Concert in Seoul: Junsu’s talk about his new outfit for X Song & 답정너

Junsu: For this album, I tried hard to cover a range of genres in it. Could you feel my effort?

Fans: Yes!

Junsu: (chuckles) Well this was 답정너
(T/N: Dabjeongneo – popular, trendy phrase that’s short for 답은 정해져 있고 넌 대답만 하면 돼. It means ‘The answer is already set. You just have to say it’)

Fans laugh at the reality that Junsu knows this phrase

Junsu: For X Song today, I’ve changed my outfit.

Fans cheer

Junsu: (chuckles) You all… What I’m guessing is probably right. Usually the audience’s cheering is louder when I face the front instead of the back, but it’s the opposite when I perform X Song.

Junsu: When I sing… mm… Men and women are the same.


Source: @xiaru1215
Translation by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

[TRANS] 150307 Flower Concert in Seoul: Junsu’s ment about Beyonce & his sweat

Junsu: Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since I’ve seen standing section like this. It’s hot right?

Fans: Yes!

Junsu: I’m sorry.

Fans asking Junsu to throw the towel he just used

Junsu: Ah you want this?

Fans: Yes!

Junsu: Um, you’re all misunderstanding something… you must be thinking that my sweat is very clean or something… but it’s the same (as yours).

Junsu: Actually you know, in the past, regarding the feeling of wanting someone’s towel, I wondered how to understand it. I’m very thankful that you like me so much that you want something like this, but I wondered would I be able to want it too if I liked someone. When Beyonce had a concert in Korea, she wiped her sweat and gave the towel to the front section. I wanted it too at that point! So I thought “Ah, is this how it feels?” Is that right?

Fans: YES!

Junsu: I’m no Beyonce but thank you very much. I thought “Ah so this must be the feeling”. I was also… She just wiped her sweat but it felt like it was Holy Water (chuckles) Anyway, I am giving you my thanks indirectly like this.

Source: @xiaru1215
Translation by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

[OTHER] 150309 Tablo & DJ Tukutz mention Junsu’s concert & Genie Time on ‘Tablo’s Dreaming Radio’

Tablo: Yesterday, we attended a concert for the first time in a long time as 3.

Tukutz: Yes.

Tablo: Junsu. Kim Junsu. I appeared as a surprise guest too. During his concert, there is a wishing segment..

Tukutz: Genie Time!

Tablo: Yes, a time when fans wish for something and Junsu grants their wish. It’s a really good idea and we’ll do that in our concert too.

Tukutz: Yeah we’ll use that idea too.

Tukutz & Tablo laugh 

Tablo: People who saw the concert sent us messages though, saying that “I went to Kim Junsu’s concert yesterday and saw you. You were really awesome. There’s something I’m curious about. During the wish granting segment, Tukutz raised his hand up. What was Tukutz’s wish?”

Tukutz: My wish?

Tablo: Yes. You had your hand up for a long time.

Tukutz: Yes yes.

Tablo: You were like “me me me!” What did you want to wish for?

Tukutz: Well, I put up my kind of like a performance as a concert-goer. I was going to think of a wish if I got picked.

(T/N: In reality, Tablo, Mithra Jin, Tukutz, Kang Hyejung and Haru all put their hands up during Genie Time! ^^)

Source: @Dvelyyy
Translated by: 
ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

[TWITTER] 130405 Junsu teasing his bodyguard, baby face Wonsik

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.05.16 PM

Background: Dancer Hyejin says Bodyguard Wonsik will be regarded as a ‘baby face’ when he turns 38

@1215thexiahtic: @Hyejin0813 @wonsikah11 38 years old.. You’ll definitely be called a baby face around then.. Sorry for being this kind of hyung… I love you Wonsik-ah.. >_<

@wonsikah11: what’s done is done… haha Thank you hyung!!

@1215thexiahtic: @wonsikah11 @Hyejin0813 People with looks like you don’t look old even when they’re 40 and stay the same.. Just endure for 13 years.. ^^;

@wonsikah11: @1215thexiahtic @Hyejin0813 oh yeah~~ 13 years… Have strength super power~

@1215thexiahtic: @Hyejin0813 @wonsikah11 super power?

@1215thexiahtic: @Hyejin0813 @wonsikah11


Wonsik: Hyung happy lunar holidays and I’ll see you when we go to Japan!!
Junsu: Bbabbi (word Junsu invented, most likely means ‘bye’)

Wonsik: Youtube video
Junsu: Ah it was this keke
Wonsik: I’m now Be The Wonsik (pun on Be The One), retreat drill sergeant, and baby face in 13 years…haha
Junsu: keke
Wonsik: You won’t do it tomorrow right? What about Korea…!
Junsu: Merong (sticking tongue out, like :P) I’m sorry..

Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by: @ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation