[OPINION] I’m gonna try to explain what happened with CJES

​There has been a lot of outrage directed at CJES in the past 24 hours, and it is stemming from an interview that Lee Bo Eun gave about Dorian Gray and ticket sales.

So let’s get some background information straight first. 

Dorian Gray is an all new original musical that debuted this year. When ticketing happened, CJES had done absolutely no marketing aside from announcing that Kim Junsu and Park Euntae were going to be the leads. There were no MVs like we had with Dracula, barely any news articles on crucial days etc. Nobody even knew about a press call for Dorian Gray until the day of the actual press call. Fans and the public alike had absolutely no idea what this musical will be like.

Also, the venue is Seongnam Arts Hall. It is so far from Seoul that fans have called it the ‘Republic of Seongnam’ because it’s that far. If you were coming from Hongdae, it’s a 1.5 hour transit one way.


The show only runs Monday to Saturdays so people would have to go that far out mostly on weekday evenings despite majority of people having work the next day. Not fun.

A lot of musicals also have discounts for certain days in order to attract audiences. I’ve seen up to 40% off, but Dorian Gray offered no such discount. Also, September/October is a slow season for musicals as schools are back in session and it’s not a festive period like Christmas.

Tickets were not cheap too, so people who bought them were buying it based on Junsu’s name alone as there was no other info about the musical out.

Despite all this, tickets still sold very well at initial ticketing and 60,000 tickets have been sold so far. When I went on the first day of Dorian Gray, it was a full house.

Back to Lee Bo Eun, who somehow sprung up from nowhere in August and debuted as a ‘marketing manager’ for CJES. Because of her name, she is widely thought to be a relative / sister of Monica Lee Jae Eun, also a marketing exec at CJES who is just absolutely fantabulous at her job.

Anyway, an interviewer asked her why is it that there are seemingly more and more empty seats at Dorian Gray on weekdays. If I were a PR manager for the musical and for Junsu himself, I would touch on the inconvenient location, emphasize that this is a new and original musical that doesn’t have an established reputation (ie: Elizabeth or Les Mis) BUT “despite all the obstacles, we’ve sold 60,000 tickets and the Dorian Gray has been getting rave reviews. Please give it a chance.”

It’s kinda like answering ‘what is your biggest weakness?’ at an interview. You acknowledge a weakness but turn it around and explain what your strength is and how it supersedes the weakness. You know, common sense.

But not to Lee Bo Eun. She said some things that basically undermined Junsu’s ticket power and threw him under the bus which is BS considering everything I mentioned above this paragraph. She didn’t consider how she failed to market the musical properly. She didn’t consider how time and location affected attendance. Instead, she basically ran her mouth like an ungrateful and dumb child baited into giving the media something to ridicule Junsu with when in comparison, Dorian Gray is quite successful given all the barriers it faced and the crappy job that CJES did with promoting it. 

CJES posted that long post on Facebook which was basically an argument for how Junsu’s ticket power is still strong, but now instead of saying that from a position of success and pride, like Lee Bo Eun should have during in that interview, it sounds like a ‘no but wait guys! I can explain!’ kind of plea. Now, there are articles about the post itself and those who find every opportunity to drag Junsu down (musical fans, SM fans) are rampant on the articles.
Here’s the worst thing, this is not the first time Lee Bo Eun messed up in the exact same manner. She undermined Junsu, Dorian Gray, and the ticket sales in an interview back in August as well! Fans asked for feedback as to why she said those things back then too, but Cjes was silent that time. They actually played victim instead, simply posting a comment on Instagram saying ‘Please don’t attack us, thank you’

How do you do this twice, within less than 3 months? To me, she sounds less like a marketing manager for Junsu and more like an anti. I don’t know how Lee Bo Eun became a manager for CJES when she is so mentally juvenile, professionally inexperienced, and completely shameless by refusing to learn from her past mess up. One thing is for sure though, CJES is an anchor that drags Junsu down, and Lee Bo Eun should never, ever talk about Junsu again. 

– ohmyjunsu


12 thoughts on “[OPINION] I’m gonna try to explain what happened with CJES

  1. frwcwy says:

    Thanks for the clarification.

  2. Zamo says:

    Could you tell us what she said, please?
    What are you thoughts on which company should Junsu join after C-Jes? I don’t know who would accept him after they’ve turned their backs on him the 1st time.
    Is this fan behavouir hurting Junsu more or C-Jes more?
    Like if fans decides to sue C-Jes, wouldn’t that hurt Junsu and JYJ more than it would C-Jes?
    Not to mention, what will other fandoms say when they see a fandom suing their own artists company? Wouldn’t that seem like Junsu being caught in a power struggle between the fans and his company? Bringing us back to the quintessntialessence of Junsu’s life bring free and having to be a pawn between people, and fans suing C-Jes would seriously undermine that.
    I think what we should do as loving supporters of Junsu is to trust him and his judgement. He is mature enough to see if he is being mishandled and being treated unfairly. Becuase these squibbles hurts him more than it hurts somebody else. It brings him noise he does not need, espcially this year.

    • Actually your comment is the only one I’ve seen going that far, nobody else is saying that fans should sue CJES. Fans are only speaking up now because CJES incompetence has been a constant issue for the past 6 years and it has come to a climax. We will not be silent and simply tolerate CJES incompetence anymore.

      • Zamo says:

        Thank you for your reply ohmyjunsu.
        Concerning the idea that Junsu should leave C-Jes, Do you have any thoughts on what should he do?

    • lilibaiyu says:

      I 100% agree with you, Zamo. Once again, some fans are going berserk over Junsu living and functioning as an artist in an imperfect universe. However: HE makes the decisions in his own life! Just as Jaejoong does, just as Yuchun does. THIS is the difference THEY chose when they left SM to be free, independent artists. Yes, it is imperfect, it is not illegally and immorally manipulated and co-opted behind the scenes. Is that what you are all nostalgic for? A company like SM making pay-offs to all concerned so their acts look good, while simultaneously keeping 98% of all the money those artists generate? Well, bad news. The members of JYJ rejected that business model and paid a high price for doing so. They are NOT likely to return to that kind of trade-off anytime soon.

      • Who the hell asked for a company like SM again? What payoffs? We are not asking CJES to pay off media for unfavorable reports but to stop being source of said reports. ‘Can you think before speaking?’ Is that so much to ask?

      • lilibaiyu says:

        When you want perfect performance from C-jeS, to your own specifications, based on NO actual, experiential knowledge of what is involved with the job, you are being, I regret to say, rather immaturely unreasonable. Have you followed JYJ long? Do you know anything about their history? Do you know the herculean, THANKLESS task C-jeS has had in trying to promote them and somehow get around industry-wide blocking all these years? Some fans are never satisfied because they want what they see happening with other idol singers who are signed to other agencies. They want instant gratification, in all its many forms, as regards their favorites. The only 3 people who can make the choices these trouble-stirring fans demand are Junsu, Yuchun and Jaejoong. And they have chosen. They want what they have at C-jeS, with all its flaws and less than perfect attempts to keep the members in the public eye. THIS is what fans need to grasp – no one is saying that C-jeS’ management performance is in any way perfect. They continue to have a difficult time achieving basic things because of the blacklisting. But the members have chosen them, have hung in there with them and their friendship and loyalty runs deep. It seems pretty obvious that fans should be supporting their decisions as free artists rather than continuing to cause pointless and destructive antagonism within their fandom.

      • I’ve followed JYJ for 10 years, since TVXQ, SM, the split, the dark days until now. Maybe you don’t remember but you yourself have gotten countless pieces of information from my translations back when I was active, so who are you to question what I know? I know your reputation too. If you want to be happy with the status quo then go ahead and leave but majority of us fans want better for JYJ.

      • lilibaiyu says:

        Glad to know this about you. Then you know very well what a difficult task C-jes has had. If you’ve followed for 10 years, you know chapter and verse – there’s nothing further I can tell you. You also know what a troubled fandom JYJ has had and the near endless fighting within the fandom over things like this that has happened. News and rumors of this fighting has upset the members numerous times because they know that when there is constant in-fighting, fans will inevitably leave. And JYJ *needs* their fans, we are the essential life-blood of their careers in music and beyond. I hope you would take my word for it that I too want only the best for JYJ, if it were up to me to choose for them. It’s not. It’s their choice. So that being the case, I can either continue to rile up their fans with argument and dissention (which I know JYJ does NOT want, like or appreciate) OR I can support them without conditions or an agenda of my own based on not being there, on the ground, in real time with an understanding the difficulties that I know the agency faces daily.

        There, that’s my point, and I’ve valued this conversation with a fellow long time fan. 🙂

      • Zamo says:

        I agree with everything you’ve said, lilibaiyu.

      • Zamo says:

        I’ve heard the proposal of JYJ leaving C-Jes numerous times but with no follow-through on how they should do it or who should they join.

        Does anybody here have any ideas? Because I really would like to know the thoughts of fans who suggest this mode of action.

  3. ilangilang says:

    Fire them. Fire the fuck outta that shit

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