[TRANS] 150516 Junsu’s beautiful words towards fans


My fans started saying this one day. “Junsu used to be on the aloof side towards fans and distanced himself to some extent, but it seems like he’s trying to communicate more by sharing more things, and is kindly interacting with fans up close” so my fans say they are thankful to me. I thought hard about this. I was and am still thankful for my fans, I definitely didn’t know how to treat people because I was young, and I was also afraid of fans before… Sasaengs would secretly take pictures of me and track my location. I had no freedom, so I was thankful for my fans but also scared of them. But you know, what I want to say is… that gratitude shouldn’t be felt by you guys to me but me to you all. Fans and I both knowing the limits and protecting that.. this trusting relationship.. I’m not just saying this, it feels like you’re my colleagues and family. I have changed without me knowing. I thought it was amazing so I thought about it carefully, and the answer is that it’s not that I have changed but everyone has changed me~ So you all have nothing to be thankful about to me. Instead, I should be saying ‘thank you’… this may seem like rambling but I really wanted to say all this.

Hearing the word ‘fans’ used to startle me but now, I see the mature actions and intentions of you all. Stemming from trust, I want to share more and walk more with you as colleagues or family… and make it feel like we are friends.. Thank you for changing a person like me.


Jeju Island was fun~

Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


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