[TRANS] 150407 Nagoya Concert Day 1: Junsu’s ments


Everyone, have you missed me? I wanted to meet you all in Nagoya. Starting with Osaka, Seoul, Shonghai…Ah, Shanghai? haha, Thailand, Tokyo, Fukuoka and today, Nagoya! I’m finally in Nagoya. It’s the last stop in my tour.

It’s the day before the last today, because tomorrow is the last day. It feels like the last day to me though. I will work hard as I feel that way! Ah, it’s my first time in Gashi Hall? It’s been a while? Ah, I was sitting in the dressing room, and I remembered having fun with my members. haha

I’ll sing a new song from my new album now. Ah but, it’s kind of weird to say a ‘new’ song from my ‘new’ album right? haha. Please listen, X Song. (he’s poking fun at his Japanese skills ^^)

I want to master Japanese, but it’s quite tough. I will work hard until the day I come close to mastering it ~audience claps~

Truthfully, I’m not ‘hot’ recently, because I’m lonely… You might not know, but I’m already 30 years oldㅠㅠ I want to become ‘hot’ but you always say I can’t. Aren’t you guys being too much? Telling me to get married at 77… Telling me to live life alone while you all have boyfriends.. or husbands.. You all have lovers right? ==! You have them!!!!!! Since you’re all here… I’ll put that energy into my concert today. Ah, but it’s something I always say but, for real, I… my real side!! I’m ready to show you all my real side in full. I’ll resist today though, because there are middle and high schoolers here.. But I’m a healthy 30 year old man.. Recently, my third… ah what should I call it; shall I call it the 3rd? My 3rd growth phase has arrived. My dreams are often… and often when I’m lying on my bed after concerts too… well, it’s good to experience many things as an artist right? I’m sorry hahaha. Well until the day we can talk about deeper things together… Let’s do that together. The day all my fans become adults will come right? For sure…? There are middle and high schoolers right now but…. if you all become adults, I’ll show you some glamorous performances and outfits.

Seems like there are a lot of men today? Ah.. I could see you since a while back! Are you married? …… He said he’s married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you first come to my concert? With you mom? sister? Ah, someone recommended to you? Ah, it’s exactly the middle of my concert right now. How is it? Is it alright? Haha thank you.

(To a fan who he recognized) Ah, Nagoya!! You came again? You went to Fukuoka too? You came to all my concerts? Ah… is that your mom next to you? But seriously, there are a lot of men in the audience today. Why is that…

(Introducing Genie Time) Recently, this part that makes me more nervous than my performances and singing… I’ll do everything as usual today too!

(Genie Time Wish #1) It’s my favorite song from the first musical I did… Will I be able to sing it well…haha. It’s a song from the musical Mozart. ~I Am, I Am Music~

(Genie Time Wish #2) Wah, it’s a song from a long time ago. Ah… this song.. Ah. You’re my melody? Ah it’s in Japanese. ~audience laughs~ What can I say.. it’s from 7 years ago…. ~You’re My Melody~

(Genie Time Wish #3) Ah. This is from a long time ago. You’ll forgive me if I can’t sing it well right? Stolen my soul~ haha. Is this really a song I sang before? haha. ~Tonight~

Ah, everyone, the segment is like this haha. Ah… it’s… kind of… it’s a segment where I don’t know what comes out. Okay, last one! What should I do? In Japanese? Hm? Ah what Japanese song would be nice? Ah… yeah my face is very red right now, right?

(Genie Time Wish #4) Please dance~ Songs I don’t know could come out though. Is that okay? (to the staffs) Are you ready? ~random play dance~

I really see a lot of men in the audience today. (male fan screams JUNSU!!!) Ah, are we doing this already? I’ll hear the men first. Everyone! Do this! In unison! alright? Women, you can’t yell JUNSU (pretending to be male) alright? Okay. Men, go!

Ah should I do people in their 10s too? 20 year olds can’t participate, only up to 19 year olds. Let’s do newborns to 19 year olds.

Then, shall we do 20s, 30s, 40s too? Why? Okay, let’s do 20s, 30s and 40s, go! Ah, most of you are in this category haha. Lastly, let’s do 50s and 60s. Age is age but strength is still strength. Do as much as you can, okay? haha You can yell quietly as well, just do as much as you can. Alright, go! Ah, don’t go (slowly) Juuuunsuuuuu, say it quickly, Junsu!!

Ah, I really like Nagoya, because there’s hitsumabushi in Nagoya.. haha. Though I just got to Nagoya yesterday, I’ll definitely go eat it!!!! Is there anyone who hasn’t ever had hitsumabushi before? Oh? You haven’t had it? Why…? Isn’t it delicious? Ah.. you had monja? Why? That’s Tokyo’s… Are you from Tokyo? Ah, no wonder. But a Korean here (referring to himself) has even had hitsumabushi… If you come to Nagoya, you must have hitsumabushi. I came to Nagoya for hitsumabushi… Ah, but you all can have hitsumabushi in Tokyo too. Everyone here can eat hitsumabushi at any time.. I envy you haha.

I’ll be performing as L in the musical Death Note starting in June. Another video must’ve been revealed today right? haha. (fans say ‘give us your towel’) Ah, you want my towel? But my sweat is all over it… I do want to give it to you but if I throw it, it could become dangerous for you all..

This is something I’ve talked a lot about recently. Doing 3 day 2 night concert sometime… 2 nights with everyone! haha. Ah concert tour? This probably won’t work as a tour..? It’s a bit hard to do as a tour… Washing up? Ah, then I’l build a huge bath house…? What will you all wear to bathe? (audience shouting ideas) bikini? towel? Ah.. but if you bathe with just a towel it’s kind of… ;; Okay, I’ll really move on to the next song now haha (audience goes EHHH??) ah, you are all so good at acting. Seriously, your acting is amazing.


Source: @_WithXIA
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


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    terima kasih
    Thank you..

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