[OTHER TWITTER] Mama Kim and ASX share cute stories of Junsu

2015-04-05-20-32-31 2015-04-05-20-32-46


Junsu reserved a restaurant as it’s our wedding anniversary today and we were so touched while having the meal. But when it came time to pay, Junsu had no intention of taking care of the bill! I said “Hey~ son~ since you invited mom and dad out for a meal, you should pay right?” to which his lips curled up and (with a bright expression), he laughed, “Mom~ I didn’t bring my wallet” This guy… such a cutie pie~ㅋ


We thought of the story from Mama Kim’s birthday last year, so we are releasing this special behind-the-scenes episode~ Omonim, do you remember this? ^.^ @zunoxiahmom


2015-04-05-20-33-03Yes! It’s fresh in my memory~ It’s an episode that I’ll never forget^^ I’m so thankful for Junsu’s funny intention that day that I still haven’t been able to spend that money..ㅋ

Source: @zunoxiahmom and @asxjunsu
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


2 thoughts on “[OTHER TWITTER] Mama Kim and ASX share cute stories of Junsu

  1. ilangilang says:

    oh my god sun, he’s so cute inside out. such an angel.

  2. […] @zunoxiahmom + @asxjunsu Fanart crédito: @bwongx2 + @asxjunsu Traducido por: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation Trad esp: Miriamdc12 de JYJTres Compartido […]

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