[TWITTER] 140326 Junsu & Jaejoong rap-off – Romanization + Translation + Explanation


Lion JS! show me the money kaja

Lion JS! Let’s go on Show Me The Money! 


a yo!!! what’s up
Chekchek let’s do this! Come on!
Im lion js!!! maebeon byunhwareul domohae A/S
rap hagoshipeo kbs!! Yo yo

a yo!!! what’s up
Chekchek let’s do this! Come on!
Im lion js!!! every time I aim to change A/S
(after service = repair & service after purchase, can interpret as ‘he wants to improve and change after each accomplishment’)
I want to rap, KBS! Yo yo


yo~ yo xia neo neun rap eul goom gura
ni ga a neun radion goom gura~ goom gura neun kbs ah
nwi a nwi goom gura neun mbc c c c c~ fm 4~~~~ you
beulro beulro tabeulro

Yo~ yo xia dream about your rap
the ‘Dreaming Radio’ that you know is kbs. No, ‘Dreaming Radio’ is mbc c c c c~ FM 4~~~~ You
Blo blo Tablo


rap hago shipeun mudae kbs
ee rap eul sseu neun soonkan e do meokgo shipeun dakbaeksu
masshi neun keo meok eu ryeo myeon il hae ya hae i’m not baeksu
Chek it

The stage I want to rap on is KBS
At the moment I write this rap too, I want to eat dakbaeksu (dakbaeksu = chicken soup)
But to eat something delicious. I have to work. I’m not baeksu (baeksu = unemployed)
Chek it


yo~ kbs! JS! mudae se weo seo!
rap eul ha myeon jo eul ten de mwo a swi weo seo?
hajiman nan kbSpy chul yeon hae seo hal mal e eop ne
geu reu ne geu reu ne geu reu ne geu reu ne nan hal mal e eop ne!
yo! yo JS! il dan show me the money! na gasseu myeon jo ke sseo
eo heo eo heo eo~~~ heo

yo~ kbs! If you put JS on the stage and he raps, what’s so bad about that?
But I was on kbSpy so I can’t say anything
that’s right that’s right that’s right that’s right, I can’t say anything.
For now, it would be nice if you can go on show me the money!
Mhm mhm m~~hm


masshi neun keo meokeul geo myeon il
hae ya hae i’m not baeksu
myeot mari meok neun ji seji jom ma gaet su
yeol shim hi hae sseu ni bada do dwae dae wu
neo e ge badeul choiso han e ye wu
Come on

To eat something delicious I have to work, I’m not baeksu (= unemployed)
Don’t count how many chickens I’ve eaten, gaetsu (= the number of)
I’ve worked hard so I can accept it, daewu (= a treat)
It’s the least I could receive from you, yewu (= courtesy)
Come on

yo eoneul gong yeon do sugo hae sseu
e wa jong e neo e rap eun subarashi!
arigato arigato aritoto!
neo e eui mi nam mi mwo mi uri e bi mil
eo yeojaya naeil do norae jal hae ddo
seu reung heun deu seu reung heun deu deu reung deu reung jal ja reung

yo you’ve worked hard for your concert today
and your rap is subarashi (Japanese for excellent)
thank you thank you thank you!
your meaning, South America, whatever, our secret
Go to sleep soon and sing well tomorrow too!
I love you love you good night!

jaejoong yoochun junsu
uri insaeng ing dalja
meotjin kasu meotjin han namja ro seo sal gi wee hae bat kal ja
fan deul ee isseu ni pogi haji malgo ee kalja
eoneul do sugo hae sseo jaejoongie hyung jal ja!!

Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu
Let’s work hard and for our lives, dalja (= let’s run)
To live as a great singer and a great man, batgalja (= let’s farm fields)
Because we have our fans, don’t give up and teeth kalja (= let’s grind our teeth)

You’ve worked hard today, Jaejoongie hyung jalja! (= sleep well)


uri hool ro oo e neun yeong hon ee it da!
bat eul kan da ni, uri ga yeojeon e haet deon keu ee ya gi
jal ja na eui yeonghon na eui soul na eui tamashi!

There’s soul in our flows (= referring to their rap having soul)
Farm fields? ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ the thing we said back then
Sleep well, my yeonghon, my soul, my tamashi (yeonghon = Korean, tamashi = Japanese for soul)

(T/N: The farm story is from a 2010? interview where Junsu said that after the split, they had to seriously consider the possibility that they would never be able to sing ever again. Junsu said they thought about going to the countryside and farming.

This rap-off looks spontaneous and fun on the surface, but under the goofiness, Junsu and Jaejoong also covered deeply rooted issues that really are not justified. What’s so bad about putting Junsu on stage? Why can’t Junsu go on a radio show hosted by the very artist who featured in his comeback album’s title song? Why did these talented artists feel so much despair that they contemplated moving away and farming, just because they dared to fight for their rights and freedom? I’m sure the two of them started this rap-off with a playful mindset, but some more topics came out naturally and Junsu’s rap became more and more serious. I decided to write this more detailed translation/explanation because I saw some comments that painted their rap battle as thoughtless, dorky rambling so I hope this post can give everyone some more information on the rap’s meaning and significance)

Source: @1215thexiahtic and @bornfreeonekiss
Translation by: 
ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


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  1. shupagirl says:

    Thanks for explaining the story behind the tweets.

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