[TRANS] 150308 Flower Concert in Seoul: Junsu’s talk about his new outfit for X Song & 답정너

Junsu: For this album, I tried hard to cover a range of genres in it. Could you feel my effort?

Fans: Yes!

Junsu: (chuckles) Well this was 답정너
(T/N: Dabjeongneo – popular, trendy phrase that’s short for 답은 정해져 있고 넌 대답만 하면 돼. It means ‘The answer is already set. You just have to say it’)

Fans laugh at the reality that Junsu knows this phrase

Junsu: For X Song today, I’ve changed my outfit.

Fans cheer

Junsu: (chuckles) You all… What I’m guessing is probably right. Usually the audience’s cheering is louder when I face the front instead of the back, but it’s the opposite when I perform X Song.

Junsu: When I sing… mm… Men and women are the same.


Source: @xiaru1215
Translation by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


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