[TRANS] 150307 Flower Concert in Seoul: Junsu’s ment about Beyonce & his sweat

Junsu: Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since I’ve seen standing section like this. It’s hot right?

Fans: Yes!

Junsu: I’m sorry.

Fans asking Junsu to throw the towel he just used

Junsu: Ah you want this?

Fans: Yes!

Junsu: Um, you’re all misunderstanding something… you must be thinking that my sweat is very clean or something… but it’s the same (as yours).

Junsu: Actually you know, in the past, regarding the feeling of wanting someone’s towel, I wondered how to understand it. I’m very thankful that you like me so much that you want something like this, but I wondered would I be able to want it too if I liked someone. When Beyonce had a concert in Korea, she wiped her sweat and gave the towel to the front section. I wanted it too at that point! So I thought “Ah, is this how it feels?” Is that right?

Fans: YES!

Junsu: I’m no Beyonce but thank you very much. I thought “Ah so this must be the feeling”. I was also… She just wiped her sweat but it felt like it was Holy Water (chuckles) Anyway, I am giving you my thanks indirectly like this.

Source: @xiaru1215
Translation by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


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