[OTHER] 2AM’s Lee Changmin mentions Junsu in an interview

Q: Which idol-turned-actor do you consider your rival?

2AM’s Lee Changmin:

If I say this, he might not like it, and fans might say something…
Junsu. We’re close personally. We’re close! Please don’t edit this and air it as is or there’ll be a misunderstanding.
Junsu and I are both 86ers so it’s been about 4 or 5 years since we’ve been close friends and played soccer together.
He’s a friend who is getting recognized and doing great in the musical industry.
Even if I ask my friends, musical actors/actresses around me, they say Junsu sings so well and that on stage,
he can make the other actors/actresses feel his sincerity.
With the audience right in front of you, it’s actually not easy to act with sincerity.
So, instead of a rival, he’s a same aged friend who I can look to and learn from even when I have my own strengths.

Source: 바1보♡
Translated by: 
ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


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