[TRANS] 2015 Happy Valentine’s Day from JYJ

Caption: JYJ is asking for a date


Hello. You met me yesterday, right? Um..
I really, really felt something for you but it was the first time we met, so I didn’t speak much.
I had something to do so… I kind of left early,
but I wanted to stay longer and there were things that I wanted to do too.
So… Do you have time tomorrow?
It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.
I want to do the things we couldn’t yesterday and
I don’t even remember when was the last time I spent time with a girlfriend.
If you have time for me tomorrow, let’s go somewhere close… like a suburb in Seoul and have a date.
I haven’t been able to drive a lot these days, so let’s do that and talk about what we couldn’t yesterday.
I said that it’s Valentine’s Day but I didn’t do that to put pressure on you,
I just want to see your face, talk with you and have a good time. I’d be thankful if you could.
If you see this video, tell me tomorrow…
No, immediately, tell me immediately. I’ll go to your house tomorrow.
I don’t know what time I’ll go but just rest well at home. I’ll come over.
See you tomorrow~


Hey, it’s Yoochun. Um.. It’s not anything else, but on Saturday, it’s also Valentine’s Day and I thought
“how about we have a date” so I’m sending you this video message.
Let’s meet.. there are lots of restaurants that I like in Gangnam, so let’s have a meal together, go on drive together, and listen to music and talk while driving. We can drink tea too.
If it’s uncomfortable for it to be just the two of us at night, we can call friends over and…
There’s a place that makes really good bbeondaegi soup in Cheongdamdong
We can go there and have a beer.
Spending some time together like that seems nice, so I’m sending you this video message.
If you can, save some of your time on Saturday. It’d be nice if we could meet up. I miss you.
Reply me~


Hey~ I just finished recording. What are you doing on Saturday? Got time?
If you have time, let’s.. um.. let’s go to Busan ㅋㅋㅋ
If we go to Dalmaji Pass, there are good cafes
The view and atmosphere is really good too.
And if we go to Busan, there’s the Korean beef that I like too.
There, the beef’s grain is differentㅋㅋㅋ
I want to eat beef and there are pojangmachas (T/N: roadside snack carts) there too.
Let’s have seafood ramyun with lobster that costs $50 ㅋㅋ
As long as I’m with you, even if we don’t go to Busan, anywhere would still make for a great time.
You’ll date me, right?

Caption: A date with JYJ! Who do you choose?

JJ: 1, 2, 3
JYJ: Hello! We are JYJ.
YC: It’s been a while.
JJ & JS: Yeah.
YC: It’s really been a while.
JS: It’s really been a while right? (T/N: Junsu said ‘junjja’ instead of ‘jinjja’)
JJ: Junjja?
JJ: Did you hear that?
YC: Didn’t he just say ‘junjja’?
JJ & YC: It’s junjja been a while

Caption: 2015’s new greeting phrase: ‘It’s junjja been a while’

JS: Junjjang is what JYJ and the staff close to us call me.
YC: They go ‘junjjang junjjang’ right?
JS: Yeah
JS: First of all, Jaejoong hyung is in the drama that is airing on Friday, ‘SPY’

Caption: Appearing in the drama ‘SPY’ with high acclaim

JS: Even today, he said he came after filming at night.
YC: And he’ll film in the morning again too.
JJ: Yeah..
JS: Ah.. How is it?
JJ: It’s fun, it’s fun… I’m having a lot~ of fun filming
but what I don’t like is that I can’t see my members even more than before so I feel really sad about that.
JS: Jaejoong hyung is really busy because of drama filming and for me, I’m also releasing my third album so I’m recording and producing…
YC: It’ll come out soon right?
JS: Yes, that’s right, when you see this video, it’ll be out very soon.

Caption: Congratulations! XIA 3rd album to be released soon!

JS: Yoochun-ssi, what are you doing recently?
YC: Well, recently, I’ve been reading scenarios.. I almost never leave my house. I watch movies at home..
JJ: Really? But my friends said they saw Yoochun-ssi outside.
JS: Did they see him a lot?
YC: There are times I come outside too, of course.
YC: I come out for a glass of soju
JJ: Two glasses….
YC: No not two glasses, it’s three glasses or more…

Caption: Alcohol Lover, Teacher Yoochun

YC: Today is…
JS: Valentine’s Day
JS: On Valentine’s Day, what do Yoochun-ssi and Jaejoong-ssi have planned?
When, how, with whom, and where are you going to spend it?
YC: I’ll be in China on Valentine’s Day.

Caption: Yoochun fan meeting in China

YC: I’ll be having a fan meeting in China and come back…
JS: For me, it’ll be the day before I film my music video so…
JJ: You’re all working… but Yoochun-ssi’s isn’t work
YC: It is work.
JJ: It’s not!
JS: That’s work?!
JJ: You’ll be in China having a date with your fans!
JS: A fan meeting is work!?
YC: Junsu immediately shot up
JS: I’ve never thought of a fan meeting as work
JJ: It’s not work for me too
YC: Because I have to go with a professional mindset…. I’ll feel at ease but I feel some responsibility too.
JJ: Sense of responsibility.. I…
JS: I want to have fan meetings everyday!
JJ: Me too, me too
JS: Thinking of a fan meeting as work… as business… is a bit…
YC: Ah I’m sorry. It’s not work. I’m sorry. I’ll work hard.
JS: That was fun~

JJ: Well.. if we have any… it’s Valentine’s so… we’ve had our ideal types and a ‘history of change’ of those types
so I want to ask..
YC: Type
JJ: Junsu-ssi initially liked Kim Jungeun sunbaenim
JS: I saw that… Was it ‘Marrying the Mafia’? I watched that movie and became a fan of Kim Jung Eun. Son Yejin-ssi… I watched ‘A Moment to Remember’ and became a fan.
Now, my type is someone who has a positive mindset, and is outgoing and ‘developed’. (T/N: Junsu meant to say ‘bubbly’ but ended up rhyming and said ‘developed’ instead)
YC: What’s outgoing and developed?
JS: Ah, not developed
YC: What do you mean?
JS: A developed person has a bubbly personality…
JJ: Developed…
YC: Lively!
JS: That’s right, lively. A lively personality.

JS: What about you, Jaejoong-ssi?
YC: You used to like Jeon Inhwa sunbae…
JJ: For me it was Jeon Inhwa sunbaenim and Kang Suyeon sunbaenim. I used to look at the overall feel before… I like pretty things, like pretty hands, pretty legs. I can feel it even if one of them is pretty.
YC: Yeah, you get a feeling.
JS: I also feel something like that.
JJ: What?
JS: Even if only her voice is pretty, I feel that girl is charming, really.
JJ: How about Yoochun-ssi?
YC: Since I was young.. I liked Kim Taehee-ssi. I’ve said she’s my ideal type. I feel like people who give me a feeling that they’re Westernized, but also have Asian characteristics are very charming.

JJ: After this and that… We’ll all be working on Valentine’s Day. It was the same for Christmas. We are lonely spirits.
But you will all be working too right? It’s not a weekend.
YC: That’s right
JJ: So you will be working but please make time…
JS: If it’s the 14th, it’s a Saturday right? It is a weekend.
JJ: Ah so they’ll get off work early.
JS: That works out so well. Wow, it’ll be the best day for couples.
JJ: That day, even if you’re not with anyway, make or buy some chocolates and give them to friends, or your dad.
JJ: Or your uncle, or your brother. They’ll really like it. Have a happy time on Saturday and we will be going to work.
JS: Bbyong~ (T/N: Bbyong is a cute sound effect/onomatopoeia for disappearing)
YC: Yah, what’s with the bbyong?
JS: You gotta say bbyong after 1,2,3! Bbyong!

YC: Bbyang!
JJ: Bye~
JS: Bbyang~
JJ: Bye~
JS: Bye.
JJ: As men in our 30s…
JS: 1
JJ: 1,2,3
JS: Bye~
JS: Why are you being like that?~
YC: Even if we don’t talk, we know this so well.

Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


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