[NEWS] JYJ Kim Junsu sues Cheonji Construction for defamation and filing a fraudulent lawsuit


JYJ’s Kim Junsu has filed a case with the police against ‘C’ Construction company (T/N: hereby Cheonji Construction) for defamation and filing a fraudulent lawsuit.

Kim Junsu’s legal representative, lawyer Jung Heewon stated on the 13th, “Regarding Jeju Island’s Cheonji Construction company’s defamation and filing a fraudulent lawsuit in December, we have filed a libel case against them with the Gangnam Police Station.”

Lawyer Jung Heewon stated, “The provisional seizure of property requested by Cheonji Construction and applied by the Jeju District Court has been removed through our legal response. Following the formal objected raised against the provisional seizure, they have filed a lawsuit with the exact same argument and evidence, and as filed a case for fraud [against us]. Our stance is that this isn’t even worth rebutting, and it is because the promissory note has already been revealed to be invalid.”

Jung said, “Not only is there absolutely no truth in their argument, but they have used low tactics like defamation to damage the reputation of a Hallyu star, and have foul intentions to obtain benefits. We cannot overlook this anymore” and “Fraud is established when A deceives B and cheats money out of B, but Kim Junsu has never written a promissory note for the construction company nor met their representatives before. There is absolutely no legal grounds for them to file a lawsuit for fraud. The construction company is intentionally damaging the reputation of Hallyu star Kim Junsu, and is using the media in their deceit.”

Toscana Hotel’s Management Departemnt said, “Cheonji Construction and CJ Construction have the same address and are the same company. Additionally, Toscana has already paid for all construction costs according to our contract. We are even receiving calls from subcontractors that they have not received payment from the two construction companies. Therefore, there seem to be ulterior motives for continuously mentioning Kim Junsu in the media.”

Lawyer Jung Heewon explained, “They have greatly damaged the reputation of Kim Junsu, who is a public figure and whose reputation is his asset, through their lies which establishes a case for defamation. Additionally, filing an application for provisional seizure of property through the courts by providing evidence of a loan that does not exist establishes that they have attempted to file a fraudulent lawsuit. There is absolutely no truth to their lawsuit for fraud and the construction company representatives know that yet they are suing an innocent person, which establishes that they have committed libel. This is the content of our complaint [that was filed to Gangnam Police Station].”

Jung Heewon added, “During the police investigation, the fact that the construction company representative’s stance makes no sense will be revealed immediately. Just looking how they used the media to release that they have filed a case for fraud, there is no relation to finding out the truth and the Hallyu star will undeniably suffer harm. Their lawsuit is only to damage his reputation and they will definitely receive legal punishment.”

Source: Star News
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


One thought on “[NEWS] JYJ Kim Junsu sues Cheonji Construction for defamation and filing a fraudulent lawsuit

  1. ilangilang says:

    Yes. Fight, baby, fight. You let em know. They r just borrowing your popularity for free promotion.

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