[TRANS] Fukuoka Concert Day 1 – Ment about Junsu’s past crush

1:49:40 ~ 1:58:50

JJ: I remember something. Junsu’s first love from Fukuoka…

JS: No! That’s not it!

JJ: Listen to the end

JS: Ah, this kind of talk is even coming out…!!

YC: That time… that girl…

JJ:  At that time, Junsu’s Japanese level was that of a 5 year old’s so it was a time that he couldn’t express what he wanted to say. There was a restaurant that we went to when we came to Fukuoka. She was an employee at that restaurant and they couldn’t see each other aside from once a year.

JS: But.. Everyone!!! That’s not it. This isn’t it. Um.. It’s more of just a one-sided feeling, how should I word it?

JJ: One sided love?

JS: It’s not really a one sided love. Similar… only to the point that I had a good feeling about her with a pure mind. Really, that was it.

YC: Ah…! After some time passed, when that girl was about 20 years old, she came to our fan meeting or fan sign?

JJ: Fan sign. It was a fan sign.

JS: Everyone. I’m saying this for real, she just came to the fan sign and that’s it. I gave her my autograph, said thanks and that’s it!!! There was never something and I never went out with her. Not at all!!

JJ: We know.

YC: There was nothing?

JS: That time contacting.. No! That’s not it! (Junsu’s panicking) Everyone! Everyone! What do I say.. I couldn’t speak Japanese at all at that time.. I got her number but.. how should I say it, I only got her number. Everyone..

YC: What was her name?

JJ: Was it Yuki-chan?

JS: Everyone, don’t you want to hear the next song?

JJ: What should I say…

JS: This happened 8 years ago!! 8 years ago!!!

YC: It’s from 8 years ago… but Junsu said this yesterday… “Would that person still be living in Fukuoka?”

JS: Yah, don’t lie!! I didn’t remember at all but Yoochun talked about it first, so I replied “Ah, that’s so” and that was it!!

YC: Well, there was nothing between you two.

JJ: Ah ah, there was this…

YC: With just a pure mind..

JJ: For example, us members would annoyingly tease Junsu in the past. We would keep teasing Junsu to set the atmosphere. For example, we’d say “Junsu-yah, do you like that girl?” and we’d tease him to set a fun atmosphere and Junsu would match that.

JS: The  members made that (kind of atmosphere and situation)! They kept setting the atmosphere that way so I just matched your ways.

JJ: That’s right, but there’s something. You didn’t know each other very well but she’d come out in your dream. Because she comes out in your dream, you remember her once at a time.

YC: There’s that.

JS: When will this talk end?

YC: It’s in the past so it doesn’t matter… she was cute right?

JS: But really, the audience here is totally, totally cute.

YC: Hm? The fans here are cuter?

JS: Yes, that’s right. Our fans are prettier and more beautiful…

YC: Do you miss her even now? It doesn’t matter if you meet her either, just as a friend, talking like “I’ve missed you. Do you have a boyfriend now?”

JJ: She could be waiting for you…

YC: You can say “I’m still single..”

JJ: She could be here in the venue too.

JS: Everyone, it’s been 10 years since I’ve been working [as an artist]. 10 years have passed but this is the most difficult situation [I’ve experienced].

YC: Ah, I’m sorry. I’ll stop now.

JS: Seriously, please, It’s seriously been 8, 9 years. A lot of time has passed.

YC: Time has passed but…

JS: Fans are saying Junsu doesn’t like this!! Junsu doesn’t like this!!

YC: [They] wanted to say this. Don’t like it. Haha.

JS: It was seriously just with a pure mind at that time.. That’s it.

YC: Ah, we didn’t have a phone at that time too.

JJ: We didn’t have phones.

JS: That’s right, we didn’t have phones.

YC: So through letters…

JS: There wasn’t such a thing!! Don’t lie!!

YC: Ah, I’m sorry. This is a joke. A joke.

JS: It wasn’t just this, you kept saying stuff since earlier!

JJ: I’m sorry.

JS: Ah..ah… my neck.

JJ: Junsu, then, with beautiful memories of Fukuoka, please introduce the next song.

YC: Yah~~ ‘ 3’

JS: Um.. ah… haha.. Today, um, is the first time we’ve been here for 5 years. I will sing the next song with beautiful memories of meeting all of you then.

YC: Hey, Junsu, you’re having a difficult time right? So meeting fans…

JS: Still, are you still going on about that?

YC: No. You’re talking about meeting the fans right?

JS: Then, please listen everyone. Ah, it’s like everything I’m saying is a lie.

YC: We know you’re not lying.

JS: The next song is a famous song in Japan. What is it? Please listen, everyone. “Lion Heart”.

T/N: Some false rumors have appeared because of mistranslations from Japanese – Korean during Day 1. I am posting this full ment which proves those rumors to be false. Please do not spread malicious and false rumors.

Video: Rinmaze
Japanese to Korean trans: ㅇㅇ of JYJ Gallery
English translation: 
ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


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