[TRANS] FROM JYJ – 2014 Christmas Message (Korean Ver.)

JYJ: Hello! We are JYJ.

YC: Hello~

JYJ: Everyone, Merry Christmas!

Junsu starts singing Silver Bells 

JJ: Go with something more exciting.

YC: Something exciting~

Junsu starts singing Jingle Bells but gets the ‘Jingle All The Way’ part wrong

Song switches to Santa Clause is Coming to Town but Yoochun changes the lyrics to 

YC: Jjajangmyeon is okay, Jjambbong is okay too

Text: Soup noodles NO! Jjangmyeon OK! Excellent Chinese Food Adlib 

JJ: Ah…

Text: Everyone finally realizes Yoochun’s great gag

JJ: We’ve lost our childhood, I knew so many carols when I was young.

YC: What other Christmas songs are there?

JYJ starts singing Jingle Bells again but gets the lyrics wrong

Text: Lyrics are forgotten along with their childhood 

JS: What else is there?

JJ: Icicle~

YC: Silent Night~

YC: What are you gonna do? On a silent night?

JJ: What are you all going to do for Christmas? We have a concert in Japan so we’ll be spending Christmas with the Japanese fans.

JJ: It seems like this winter will be very warm.

YC: Yeah… why?

JS: Why?

YC: Is there something?

JS: Well they say that a winter is warm if you find a girlfriend.

YC: Are you warm?

JJ: I’ve always had a girlfriend though.

YC: Ah

JS: Ah again…. Please don’t say stuff like that.

YC: Don’t say stuff that’s so predictable

Text: “JJ: You are all my girlfriend” Jaejoong’s very predictable next words

JS: Stop saying that and improve what you say

YC: Don’t say stuff that’s predictable.

JJ: I’ve been dating everyone for the last 10 years though

Text: An idol’s frequent comments that we are fed up with

YC: With everyone?

JS: With everyone?

JJ: Do you know that…how many days has it been? Since we’ve debut? A while back we marked 4000 days since debut

JS: Ahhhh

Text: Congratulations! JYJ’s 4000th day since debut!

JJ: We’ve come a long time with everyone. I’m curious what the fans who can’t be with us at our concert will do for Christmas.
When we gave our Christmas greeting a couple years ago, we said something like ‘please find a lover and have a happy Christmas’
For me… If everyone gets married…or date… we are okay with that.

YC: Cheesy…

JS: Why is that okay?

YC: Why?

JS: I’ll get jealous.

JJ: I won’t be jealous, truthfully.

JS: Because in the end your life is yours and my life is mine?

Text: Getting harder to handle this conversation…

JJ: No because if everyone finds a lover or starts a family with kids, they can support us as a family. I think I’ll feel really happy at that.

Text: Summoning ‘Families of fans’

JJ: I hope you have a happy Christmas. We will return after finishing our concert.

Text: We will come to you with a great concert.

JJ: 1, 2, 3

JYJ: Merry Christmas!

JJ: Have a Merry Christmas

Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


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