[TRANS] 2014 XIADAY – Junsu’s Q&A exam from Xiapwas


0. No matter how annoying or hard this is Q&A is, do you pledge to do this exam by yourself with upmost manliness and charisma? 

a) of course!
b) call!
c) 물론이당!! (of course in Korean)
d) もちろんだよ (of course in Japanese)
e) Let’s see

1. What is your current outfit?


2. Normally, what are you doing at this time? 

a) I’m composing!
b) I’m playing soccer!
c) I’m playing on my computer!
d) I’m singing!
e) Other (It’s different every time)

3. Please pick which you like more out of the two.
a) Day vs. Night
b) Halloween vs. Christmas
c) Bora Bora vs. Jeju Island
d) Nuna Xiapwas vs. = Dongsaeng Xiapwas
e) Xiah Jiwook vs. Xiacula
f) Love Like A Snowflake vs. In The Time I Loved You
g) Mina vs. Elizabeta
h) Table tennis vs. Bowling
i) Renfield vs. Vampire Slaves
j) Pouring sauce over Tangsuyuk vs. Dipping Tangsuyuk in the sauce 
k) Ice Americano vs. hot Americano
l) Member of a horror site vs. Cheongdamdong Kim Spike

4. Please pick your favourite dishes in the list below.

a) Hitsumabushi
b) Spicy crab
c) Americano
d) Fried chicken
e) Yangnyum (spicy sauce) chicken
f) Bubble tea

5. Acting perfectly as the Count Dracula who loved only one woman over 400 years, you received immense praise for your performance. If you could act as another character from one of the musicals you’ve done, which character would you be?

a) <Mozart!> – Bishop Xia (Prince-Bishop Colloredo)
b) <Elizabeth> – XiaKeni (Lucheni)
c) <Elizabeth> – XiaLizabeth (Elizabeth)

d) <Dracula> – XiaField (Renfield)
e) <Dracula> XiaHelsing (Van Helsing)

6. Please pick the nicknames that you personally like from the list below

a) Ssiyat
b) P.B.A (Pure Baby Angel)
c) Ramjwi
d) Bbiyo
e) Red cape Junjjyu
f) Leopard Junjjyu
g) Leather jacket Junjjyu
h) Grandba Xiacula
i) Junjjang
j) Master
k) Ggaebi
l) Jjaebi
m) Director Kim
n) Tanpopo

image (1)

7. Please select all the hairstyles that you like from the list below.

a) Yoon Jiwook (Age 25)
b) Yoon Jiwook (Age 45)
c) Pink Hair

d) Xiacula
e) Xiacula, bangs up
f) Grandpa Xiacula
g) Blonde hair
h) Black hair
i) Brown hair

8. You’ve always said that you will get married at age 27. Now that you’re over 27, when will you get married?

a) 25
b) 26
c) 27

d) 28
e) 400 (Xiacula…)
f) 35
(Junsu drew this answer in himself, and also wrote ‘You’re so mean!!!’
because there’s no feasible answer except 400 from the original list)

9. Out of all your projects in 2014, which one do you think Xiapwas liked the most?

a) Musical <December>, <Dracula>
c) JYJ 2nd Album JUST US & Asia Tour
d) Magazine photoshoots (The Musical, Singles, Scene Playbill etc.)
e) Mr. Baek OST ‘In The Time I Loved You’

10. Pick the song that you did not sing as part of Genie Time in the XIA BALLAD SPRING TOUR concerts.

a) Let It Go
b) This is the Moment
c) Beautiful Love
d) Yeoubi/Fox Rain
e) Rainy Night

11.  Pick the dialogue that Dracula DID NOT say during <Dracula>

a) Everything changed when I first saw you. My heart was pierced, my dreams, only you can save me, the only love in my life. (그대를 처음 본 순간 모든 게 달라졌어. 뭔가에 홀린 것처럼 당신만이 나의 꿈 당신만이 내 구원 내 삶의 유일한 사랑)
b) Forever with you, life without death, love without death (영원히 그대와 죽음이 없는 삶 죽음이 없는 사랑)
c) The more I see you, the more my heart hurts. I can’t kill your light, I can’t take away your soul and bury you in the same darkness with me (그댈 바라볼수록 점점 가슴이 아파 그대의 빛을 죽이고 그대의 영훈 빼앗아 영원토록 어둠에 나와 같은 어둠에 갇히게 할 수가 없어)
d) I love you. To love you, I knew I am alive (사랑해요 그대. 사랑하기 위해 내가 살아있음을 알게 됐죠)
e) Living in coldness, my cursed life. Forever living off others’ blood. This kind of life is worse than death. If you love me, give me freedom (차가운 암흑 속에 저주받은 내 인생 남의 피를 탐하던 그늘 속의 영혼. 이런 삶 이런 인생 죽음보다 괴로워 나를 사랑한다면 자유를 줘요)

12. Pick the musical venue that you liked the most.

a) <2010 Mozart!>, <December> Sejong Cultural Centre, Main Theatre
b) <Tears of Heaven> National Theatre of Korea, Haeoreum Main Hall
c) <2011 Mozart!> Seongnam Art Centre, Opera House
d) <Elizbeth 2012> Blue Square, Samsung Electronics Hall
e) <Elizabeth 2013>, <Dracula> Seoul Arts Centre, Opera House

image (2)

13. Match the follow musicals with the date of Kim Junsu’s first performance of that musical.

a) <Mozart!> 2010 ———————- February 12th
b) <Tears of Heaven> ——————– February 1st
c) <Mozart> 2011 —————————- June 17th
d) <Elizabeth> 2012 ———————- January 26th
e) <Elizabeth> 2013 ————————August 14th
f) <December> ————————- December 16th
g) <Dracula> ———————————– July 17th

14. Which of the following <Dracula> outfits did you like the most?

See picture above

15. How do you feel coming back from Universal Studio’s Halloween Night?

a) I felt comfortable as I returned home for the first time in a while (Dracula’s Castle)
b) It wasn’t scary at all but the chain shocked me a bit
c) As a full member of a horror site, this is nothing
d) Taking pictures of zombies that outnumbered people and uploading them to Twitter, I was like a hero.
e) This shallow horror is ridiculous. Do ghosts and zombies fear zombies? No way!

16. Please pick the words that you wish to say to Xiapwas in 2015

a) Student Xiapwas, do well on your exams!
b) Nuna Xiapwas and Xiapwas the same age as me, life starts at 30~
c) Stand strong, Xiapwas! Himnae, Xiapwas!
d) In this year as well, everyday Junsu Time!
e) Fan-nims, you’ll spend 2015 together with me right? Right? Please…
(this is a parody of Junsu’s line from December, in which he asks YiYeon out for a drink and speaks more and more formally as he becomes nervous. Original line: 한잔 할래?? 하실래요? 해주세요….)

17. Recently, I am a _________-holic!

Vacation spots

18. Is there a production that you want to recommend to Xiapwas? (movie, music, musical etc.)


19. Please use the 3 characters of your name, Kim Junsu, and write an acronym poem

준수하게 생긴
수재다.      죄송….

Kim Junsu is 
a good-looking
person with a brilliant mind.        I’m sorry…

20. Now, it’s Junsu Time. Please express your feelings on the ending of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.

I’m always thankful and love you, everyone… ^^

Special thanks to @carrotessay for providing me with HQ photos of the XIADAY exam!

Photos: @carrotessay
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


6 thoughts on “[TRANS] 2014 XIADAY – Junsu’s Q&A exam from Xiapwas

  1. Haha the answers for the eighth question XD Poor Junsu! But that was a fun read, thanks for translating (and sharing all the pics on Twitter!) ♥

  2. galegreenoak says:

    Always grateful for your translations! Junsu never fails to charm us 🙂

  3. opal says:

    Love all the answers. Love you baby XIA 🙂

  4. Yeoreum says:

    Thank you for translating this! This was really a nice read and it made me smile. =w=

  5. thanks for providing the trans! I will translate into spanish if you don’t mind >____<

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