[TRANS] Yoochun, Yoohwan, Choi Minsik, Seol Kyunggu, Lee Jung Jae and Jung Sun Ah’s congratulatory wreaths for Toscana


Left: Park Yoochun
Right: The times when I feel happy means I’m on my way to Toscana

1123635771_d1e20196_1411733578152 (1)

Left: Park Yoochun • Yoohwan
Right: Become a Jeju landmark


Left: Film actor Lee Jung Jae, Film actor Seol Kyunggu, Film actor Choi Minsik
Right: We hope for your company’s eternal prosperity



Left: Jung Sun Ah
Right:  I’ve waited for this hotel for 400 years

(T/N: this is a parody of Junsu’s line in ‘Dracula’)


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.06.57 PM

Left: Choi Minsik
Right:  Junsu-yah! Save a room for me!

Left: Lee Jung Jae
Right:  Blue nights at Toscana

Left: Seol Kyunggu
Right:  Congratulations on achieving your dream, Junsu


Left: Park Sungwoong
Right: The weather is perfect for a grand opening

Left: Gummy
Right:  I should’ve bought a room in advance (방하나 분양이라도 할걸 그랬어)

(T/N: This is a parody of Gummy’s song called ‘We should’ve become friends/친구라도 할걸 그랬어’)

Left: Kim Jaejoong
Right:  Where should we go-cana, should we go-cana to Toscana, Jaejoongie too will go-cana

(T/N: Jaejoong was adding -cana to his words so that it rhymes in Korean)


Left: Kim Junsu CEO-nim hit daebak
Right:  Actress who lives through my beauty, Ra Mi Ran



Left: Kang Hyejung
Right: Uncle Junsu! There’s a room for Haru at Toscana right?? Right?

Source: @ok_deng & 핑키됴아 (1, 2) via DC JYJ Gallery, MY ONLY XIA, @xia_sniki,
@xiahkissmiyol (1, 2), @cOOl_bOaRdEr7, @DzzzzA
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


3 thoughts on “[TRANS] Yoochun, Yoohwan, Choi Minsik, Seol Kyunggu, Lee Jung Jae and Jung Sun Ah’s congratulatory wreaths for Toscana

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  2. justxiah1215 says:

    [Vtrans] YooChun, YooHwan, Lee Jung Jae, Seol KyungGu, Choi MinSik gửi vòng hoa chúc mừng tới khách sạn Toscana.


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