[TRANS] Xiacula’s stage greeting & encore stage greeting

Stage greeting after Junsu’s last show of Dracula

Firstly, as of today, my time as Dracula has ended. 

Ah, when I first did the preview show, I wondered when I would finish these 30 shows. I thought that because just with ‘Fresh Blood’, that one song was so tough. But unknowingly, I’m already performing the last show. More than anything, [thanks to] CEO Shin Chunsoo and the OD Musical Company family, I was able to perform such a great character in a great musical. CJES CEO Baek Changjoo, who gives me support… and because I worked with our country’s best musical actors who are present here, we finished this run safely. 

There are so many people to thank, to the point that the time I have is not enough. Music Director Won Misol here as well. To be honest, this song doesn’t match my vocal range. So, to be honest, I raised all the songs in this musical by a key. That’s quite an issue, but the orchestra here and Music Director Won Misol prepared two versions [of the score]. Thank you for doing that. 

I know that it was tough too. Thank you. Thank you, and I really don’t have anything other to say than thank you. Thank you.

~ Jo Kanghyun greeting ~

~ Jeong Sunah greeting ~

When practice first started, we spent two weeks just on editing the script. Because of the combined effort of the OD Musical family and our musical actors, it ended up o..kay (fans laugh) right? I felt really happy as it felt like a musical was being created. This was all thanks to everyone here. Also, if a second run [of Dracula] happens, please give it a lot of love. Thank you~

Encore Stage Greeting

Today, I’m doing this not in plain clothes but as Dracula (T/N: Junsu usually does this encore stage greeting after changing out of his costume)

Oh, having this greeting is now a matter of fact (T/N: Having this encore stage greeting after Junsu’s last performance of a musical is a tradition that started at “Mozart”)

To tell you the truth, in the beginning when it was said that Dracula would be held at Seoul Arts Centre (SAC), the first concern that our side had.. nothing had even started yet, was that I have to do this greeting at the last show. So, for me to be able to do this and for [everyone] to be able to get off work, SAC willingly agreed to this greeting. Thank you to the CEO of SAC. (T/N: “Elizabeth”, which is where this tradition started, was also held at SAC. Junsu wanted to come out and greet the fans who were applauding for him after his last “Elizabeth” curtain call, but SAC’s reps refused to let him on stage. Through his persistence, Junsu was ultimately allowed to greet the audience after 3 hours).

Um, I told them the first time for this was back during “Elizabeth”. Thanks to everyone, I was able to finish 30 shows well. A character like Dracula is like… #1 to me. To be honest, the most important factor that made me want to take on “Dracula” was the song “Loving You Keeps Me Alive”. When I first heard that song, I wanted to sing it so much that I took this musical on. Therefore, every time I sing that song, it is even more special to me. Thank you for ‘feeling’ that song as much as I do.

It seems I’ve kept you here late today (Fans: No~). Since you’re going home late, and as it seems there are a lot of beauties here … Be careful of men~

Really, thank you so much. Tomorrow is Ryu Junghan hyung and Jo Mina nuna’s last performance, please give your cheers and applause to Dracula until the end. Thank you!

Thank you!

Video source: FdpvnF


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