[TRANS] JYJ’s letters to fans from Asia Tour Concert VCR


Because we walked this path together

So every time is like a dream

Our hearts have always been filled

We know that we can’t always stand on one stage together

But at every single moment, we are together as JYJ

And special thanks to….



Even if I don’t say this directly, I feel like you all know. 10 years isn’t a short time. To our fans who believed in us, followed us and stood by our side…

Whether you are in front of us or somewhere where we cannot see you, we know you are laughing and crying with us.


More than the feeling of gratitude, I feel apologetic. Even though I often feel more apologetic, I will work harder in the future^^.

The memories we have made together, as well as the time that we will spend together in the future, I hope those times are filled with happiness, joy and luck.


To JYJ, the #1 most important thing to us is the people reading this letter right now: our fans, everyone here. Thank you, and I’m sorry. Lastly, I love you.

T/N: At this moment, I cannot find a video which has the full intro. However, the message was very touching so I decided to translate the Chinese text from the partial video of the VCR shown at the Beijing concert. JYJ’s letters are translated from Korean from the Seoul concert (in case of minor discrepancies).

Video credit: 莲藕娃娃

Youtube upload: karitaraa

2 thoughts on “[TRANS] JYJ’s letters to fans from Asia Tour Concert VCR

  1. […] credit: 莲藕娃娃 Translations by: @ohmyjunsu (intoxiacation) Youtube […]

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