[INTERVIEW] Lee Seungwon (Renfield) praises Kim Junsu in PlayDB


Q: Many people are curious about your collaboration with the Draculas.

If you act in a role that loves someone, the other person doesn’t seem endearing. Acting a Renfield, it is kind of like that to the Draculas. I’ve grown close to (Park) Eunsuk and (Ryu) Junghan hyung-nim is a sunbaenim who I’ve looked up to since <Jekyll and Hyde>

I was very surprised watching (Kim) Junsu. I say with sincerity that he is really good. We’ve worked together since the song interpretation stage during practice and I was very surprised at his skills in scene interpretation and characterization. I was prejudiced against idols and had a victim mentality, but since working with FT Island’s Lee Jaejin for <Sonagi>, my feelings have changed.

These friends live life on two boats. They don’t compromise either side and actually do well. I thought, “They’re not idols who succeeded for no reason.” Recently, Junsu has been doing <Dracula> alongside JYJ’s comeback activities but I’m amazed at how he isn’t losing his voice. I think his vocalization skills are a natural born gift. Compared to others, Junsu has a few songs that are sung at a higher key but he still does well. Amongst the musical actors, we acknowledge Junsu. 

Source: PlayDB


5 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Lee Seungwon (Renfield) praises Kim Junsu in PlayDB

  1. galegreenoak says:

    Junsu; you can’t help respecting his work ethic, admiring his talent and honoring him as a man of integrity. He is such a precious gift to the world. (As are all of JYJ)

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