[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Junsu, “First place contender despite not appearing on broadcasts, I feel even more thankful”


JYJ member Kim Junsu relayed his gratitude to fans who continue to cherish and wait for him despite not being able to appear on broadcasts.

During the afternoon of the 15th, JYJ participated in a press conference for their 2014 Asia Tour Concert “THE RETURN OF THE KING” in Hong Kong’s World Expo Arena.

On this day, Kim Junsu conveyed his thoughts about their unchanging popularity, saying “We are amazed every time as well. I’m not sure if overseas fans saw us through videos such as music videos, but I believe that they haven’t been able to see us live in 5 years. JYJ are singers that you cannot see unless you come to our concert.”

He continued, “They come to see us if we have concerts overseas, and no matter where we go, the fans always give us a hospitable welcome. We always wonder [how]. It’s amazing” and “Of course, they can learn about us through mediums such as dramas and movies, but they can’t see us on (music) broadcasts. Others who don’t put on concerts can go on broadcasts and gain fans through that, but there is no such stage like that for us. Yet, fans disregard that fact and come to see us at our concerts.”

Kim Junsu also stated, “Truthfully, I was surprised about our concert in Jamsil. I thought it would even be better to do a concert five times in a venue with 15,000 seats. I thought it would be hard to fill up 30,000 seats but our fans filled it completely. If we could freely do broadcast activities, we may not be able to feel grateful. Now, I am very thankful and grateful. Even now, if we release an album, it becomes #1 on many charts, so I tell myself that I can’t get fatigued, and to work harder.”

JYJ’s 2nd full-length album became a first place contender on SBS’s Inkigayo. However, the ironic part is that they cannot appear on broadcasts. Therefore, Kim Jaejoong stated, “When I heard that ‘Back Seat’ was under review (ie: banned from broadcast), I thought ‘Okay. That’s good’. The fact that fans have to come to our concerts to see us perform, don’t we have some kind of edge? Even without music broadcasts,  I think we can share our music with the fans in a grand concert. Of course, we don’t want to compromise with irrationality stemming from external pressure.”

JYJ completed their concert in Hong Kong with great success on the 16th. This is the first time in 4 years that has visited Hong Kong as a united JYJ, with the last time being their ‘THE BEGINNING’ Worldwide Album showcase in 2010. Starting with their Korean concert on the 9th, JYJ will visit Hong Kong, Beijing, Vietnam, Chengdu, Taiwan, Shanghai, and Thailand.

Debuting in 2003, JYJ hold the record of selling over 5,000,000 music records. Their popularity is as prevalent as before and they continue to show the majesty of ‘Hallyu-dols’.

Source: Asia Economy Daily


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