[TRANS] ‘Dracula’ Synopsis & Character Descriptions

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At the end of the 19th century, a young lawyer named Jonathan Harker and his fiancee, Mina Murray, help Count Dracula, who wishes to move to London, and arrive at his mysterious and lonely castle. However, everything changes after Dracula meets the beautiful woman who captures his heart, Mina, and Mina returns to England.

On the other hand, Professor Van Helsing, a man who has the reputation of ‘Vampire Hunter’, traces Dracula’s movements through Renfield, Dracula’s attendant, and causes Dracula to fall into danger.

After Dracula arrives in England, Mina’s close friend, Lucy, shares a special kiss with Dracula and enjoys a warm moment which changes her life forever. Mina, who fears Lucy’s kiss with Dracula yet also feels jealousy over it, finally finds out why she is drawn to Dracula, and why Dracula is drawn to her. As it becomes clear that Lucy was Dracula’s sacrificial lamb, her faithful saviours Arthur, Quincey, and Jack help Professor Van Helsing in getting rid of Dracula.

To help Professor Van Helsing and her friends, or to follow her undeniable feelings for Dracula, Mina doesn’t have much time to choose…

Character Descriptions

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Dracula: A passionate figure of undeniable charm, overflowing with confidence. He possesses intense fury and ferocity, but also bears scars, sorrow and a delicate heart.

Played by: Ryu Junghan, Kim Junsu, Park Eunsuk (understudy)

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Mina Murray: A beautiful, healthy and intelligent woman. She encounters Count Dracula and feels the weight of an undefiable destiny.

Played by: Jo Jungeun, Jung Sunah

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Professor Van Helsing: Vampire hunter. A figure who follows Dracula to the end in order to finish him off.

Played by: Yang Junmo

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Jonathan Harker: Mina’s fiance and husband after marriage. He is an uptight gentleman who becomes a quiet English lawyer. He is a careful and sensitive figure.

Played by: Ka-i, Jo Kanghyun

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Lucy Westenra: Mina’s close friend. She is a cute and lively girl filled with curiosity. Later, she changes into a vampire filled with evil.

Played by: Lee Jihye

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Renfield: Lee Seungwon

Jack: Byun Heesang

Quincey: Yang Seungri

Arthur: Jang Donghyo

Brides of Dracula: Lee Hyunjung, Kim Seoyoon, Shin Segye

Ensemble: Hwang Sunghyun, Je Byungjin, Kim Nahee, Baek Jinjoo, Hwang Hojung, Bang Geulah, No Heechan, Ji Saerom

Source: Interpark


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