[TRANS] Kim Junsu interview excerpts from “Singles” June 2014 Edition

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Q: I understand that your views on outer appearance changed after ‘Elizabeth’. What has changed after you’ve opened your eyes to the world of fashion? 

Junsu: I now spend a lot of money at clothing stores. Brands like BOON THE SHOP and Corso Como come to ‘find’ me. If new collections come out, I receive text messages (laughs). To be honest, I didn’t know the importance of fashion. I thought that a singer just needs to sing well. “So what if I look handsome or not, so what if my clothes look nice? If I wanted that then I’d become a model.” I had these stubborn views. Rather than ‘opening my eyes to the world of fashion,” I realized that fashion is a part of being an entertainer. It was the first time in years that I dieted, and in the photo shoot that I did at the time, I saw a new me. Fans really liked it. I would greet my fans with my songs, but being able to bring joy to them in this form  was interesting, and I felt sorry as well. People who weren’t my fans when I just sang came to like [the new me]. I realized that I need to tend to my appearance.

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Q: How have you positioned yourself in the musical world? 

Junsu: What can I say? If you ask me how I select musicals, I have always said that it’s the music. That was the reality. That’s why I think people believe that  “Even if Kim Junsu’s musical is short, the music is great.” They’re confident that aside from the scenario, visuals and production value, the music is good.

Q: Have you developed any occupational diseases since you started appearing in musicals? 

Junsu: It’s not as far as an occupational disease, but I make an effort to sleep. Since coming out of TVXQ, I haven’t made an effort to sleep. Even if I have a schedule the next day, I never felt pressured to sleep but now I have a personal rule, which is that  I must sleep at least 10 hours the day before a musical show. It’s one of the responsibilities I feel as I am creating a musical with other people.

Q: How are you maintaining your voice and physical strength? 

Junsu: For maintaining my voice, I think sleeping well the day before a performance is enough. For my physical strength, I don’t do any of the bad things, like smoking. I think that’s sufficient.

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